Thoughts on the Baggy PM in Fuscia?

  1. For an everyday casual bag. It looks so cute. Does the denim hold up well??
  2. i love it
    so cute for spring and summer

    i believe it would hold up well, as it is LV!
  3. Im sorry. Im just not fond of the fabric/denim line by LV.
  4. I like it but won't buy it myself.
  5. I agree with LV_addict! Its definitly a really cute bag but I just wouldn't buy it for myself! xxx
  6. It's cute but not worth the $ IMO. I don't think it looks like a quality bag.
  7. I love the denim line, but I wouldnt buy the Baggy Pm maybe go for the GM?:yes::biggrin:
  8. I love it! :love:
  9. I have the fuchsia GM and I wanted to get the PM at first but I have too much to carry around so opted for the GM instead. If you like something cute and easy to match and don't have much to tote around, the PM is great and it holds up well! Also easy to match if you are usual the casual chic type. ;)
  10. I have a fuscha mini pleaty and two of my friends (addicts in training) have it in blue. Theirs seem to hold up, my clasp broke so I exchanged it, so far so good. Fabric is durable, my hardware was not.
  11. I haven't seen it IRL. But I really want a Fushia baggy PM. I don't think I can justify the price though so maybe I'll end up with a fushia mini pleaty!!
  12. I have it on the blue and love it!!
    I didnt purcahse it new (got a deal on ebay) otherwsie if i was buying new i would have got the pink.

  13. I just got the Baggy GM yesterday in Fuchsia. Nice, and roomy, I love it! :love: Very pretty! Nice for spring/summer....shoot, anytime!:P
  14. I just worry that if you use the bag a lot, it may get dirty and how would you clean it? I guess LV has some kind of finish on it to repel stains, but everyday wear might show on such a light, but pretty, color.
  15. what are the prices on a GM & PM?