Thoughts on the baby monogramme?

  1. Hi.
    What are your thoughts on the baby monogramme? I'm thinking about getting it in black, but I haven't seen it in person yet, and I may need to buy it online. Is it worth the money?
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  2. When I was at the store, the SAs proudly told me that they fit like 5 iPhone 6/6s in it.. Plus one on the outside pocket.. Hope that gives you a sense of the size... How much is it?
  3. It's a really cute bag. I'm thinking about getting it in yellow or blue. The chain seems a bit short though since i want wear it cross body for the most part.

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  4. It's really cute, but pretty small. I couldn't even fit my wallet in when I was trying it on, so that is the deal breaker for me.

    Of course, that's not to say it wouldn't fit your needs!

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  5. i love it and would like it in a bright color (i like bright colors for small bags personally)
  6. It retails for 1550USD and 1150EUR (which is much cheaper in my valuta).
    It sounds bigger than I imagined it to be!
  7. I would loooove to get it in a bright color, but I'm afraid to get tired of it or not get as much use out of it as i would with a black one. Wish it existed in beige or a dusty pink though!
  8. lipstick red could be cool too, and personally i think it is a neutral enough...i don´t know if it exists in red though

  9. It comes in a baby pink! I think it's a gorgeous color that can be neutral
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  11. yes this pink looked very nice in real life, it is a light baby pink / fleshy colored and i like the contrast of the hard ware - definitely neutral i thought too!
  12. Just bought it in white with gunmetal hardware yesterday...was an impulse buy but it's the cutest bag i've seen in a while :smile: