Thoughts on the Astor/Michael Kors?

  1. What does everyone think of the Astor collection from Michael? I have been going back and forth all week between the Astor/Chestertown and I think I might just have to buy the both of them. LOL

    The Astor is the one with all the studs, your probably either love it or not for you. Let me know.....
  2. The Astor is a great bag!
  3. Thanks, I decided that I"m going to get both.

    I bought the large Chestertown in the dark chocolate color and what color Astor does everyone like?????? (or do you like the Astor, too studdy?)

    My outlet only carries the red and black patent, so I think I"ll go probably with the red. Too bad they don't carry the Astor in the regular leathers, although the patent red is really pretty.

    I guess If I must, I just must buy two MK bags this week since I can't seem to decide and I do love them both.

    Do you guys think the Astor Red patent is too dressy to wear for an everyday bag or should I just mainly save it for night? That's the issue with the patent's.
  4. I have a little azur Astor hobo, and I was disappointed to see that the studs got little black dots all over them. I can't tell if they chipped or oxidized, but I hadn't used it in a year so I doubt it chipped.
  5. I like the MK Astor bags. I think it's a really nice leather for the price.
  6. I have the black large Astor Satchel. Great bag. It has fantastic organizing pockets, and I received compliments everywhere I went. In fact, I finally retired it about a year ago, and my family keeps on asking me when I'm going to bring it back!