Thoughts on the Alma BB?

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  1. As a crossbody?
  2. Personally, I think it's cuter than the Speedy. I'm into it :smile:
  3. My thoughts exactly! I’m not sure about the handles though.....Or if I’d be better off with strictly a shoulder bag, no handles.
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  4. Agree, I think the DE pattern is more appealing because the handles are more camouflaged compared to the mono vachetta.
  5. Yup
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  6. I love mine. You can dress it up or make it casual, perfect crossbody, cute when you add bag charms too!
  7. Can you fit a lot in it? Is it ideal for travel?
  8. I can fit phone, long wallet, keys, mints/gum, hand gel, moisturiser. Everything I need day to day :P

    It's amazing for when you're at your destination. When I travel I carry a tote like my Goyard or a Celine Mini Luggage, then inside that my Alma BB. I use the Alma BB when I get to my destination for daytime and evening. I'd be fine taking that as my only bag for a week long vacation or longer. I just take a tote for when I buy things at the airport, passports etc.

  9. I’m contemplating a pre-loved Alma bb or Empreinte Twice in noir.
  10. I'd go with the Alma, it's a classic.
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  11. It’s an awesome classic! And surprisingly fits a good amount. Definitely a great piece to have in a bag collection.
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  12. I think you should definitely get an Alma bb they are so beautiful, timeless, and easy to dress up & down! Also like others have said it fits a lot surprisingly! I love mine so much that I am thinking about adding it in epi! I got the empreinte version & it fits so much & goes with everything! I also love to dress it up! Let us know if you end up getting it :smile:

    Here are pics of mine sorry the lighting isn’t the best!

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  13. gorgeous
  14. I had two and sold one. Debating about selling the second one. It's a super cute bag, great for date nights and etc. I don't like how it sticks out as I am a "true" crossbody person. I prefer crossbodies that lie flat against the body. But it's just so cute and I have the noir epi electric so it goes with everything. I have several true crossbodies that is probably why I haven't sold the bb. I say go for it!

  15. Thank you for your input! :smile: Do you happen to have the Twice Twinset? I’m debating that pre-loved as an alternative. I just don’t know how delicate empreinte leather is.....