Thoughts on the Alexa? versus Cara?

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  1. I've been saving and building myself up to an oak cara for passing my exams (I already have the oak bayswater). I had never considered the Alexa before and just as I was gong to buy the cara it caught my eye.
    Now I'm in a bit of a dilemma of Alexa versus Cara? I like the way the Alexa I feel is 'ready to use', soft and easy going - however is it a bit outdated now? I'm excited by the cara but wonder if it's too boxy.
    Any thoughts would be so much appreciated!
  2. The Alexa is my favorite of all Mulberries. I have them quite a few... In my opinion the Alexa is not outdated at all. It's a classic satchel style, so it just can't be outdated. I have also a mini camo Cara and I love that too. :smile: But, you should consider how much you want to carry with you. The regular Alexa holds a lot more than a mini Cara, and it's also lighter than medium Cara in nvt leather, which, I suppose, holds quite the same than an Alexa. I would choose a regular Alexa before a medium Cara, but I also find the mini Cara a very cute and easy-to use bag. :smile:

    Maybe I wasn't very helpful, sorry. ;) Good luck choosing! :smile:
  3. Hi,

    I just bought my second Alexa oversized (oak) as I had used my other one so much that the wiring started to pop out (in for repairs atm). I love this bag, the leather, the looks, versatile carrying options... I bring it with me everywhere, on planes stuffed under the seat in front of me, on my bike where I'm sometimes stuck in the rain, it fits my laptop, charger, clothes for a few days if I plan my packing well.

    The leather is so light compared to the NVT, and Alexa seems to be able to fit in much more than a Cara. I don't know what a Cara weighs but I'd reckon that my Bayswater in NVT weighs around 2 kilos with no content in the bag. That's a lot of extra kilos to carry whether on the arm, shoulder or back.

    It's also my experience that the soft buffalo leather can withstand a lot more than NVT (scratches and red wine, to mention a few).

    I really like the look of the Cara, and the fact that it's a "backpack", but I decided not to go that way as the ones on display in my local store (in oak) had scratches from just being on display.

  4. Yowza! :biggrin:
    Looooooooooove to read posts of members using a bag until guts pop out.
    This is the unique joy of classic mulb bags, imo--they journey through life with us.
    And become extension of self.
    Brilliant. ♡
  5. Thanks everyone, yes i'm finding it such a tough decision as it's a lot of money for me and so needs to be an 'investment' piece as such! I had never considered the alexa until recently and it only suddenly caught my eye! I agree it is very nice indeed. Does anyone out there have the mulberry in oak medium and if so do you use it as a backpack?/ does it got a bit slouchier after use (i'm hoping so), does it feel 'secure' i.e. things won't drop out if worn as a backpack? these are the things that concern me most about it!
  6. hi, i have the medium cara in oxblood nvt and it is nice and slouchy now after over a year of use- it looked quite boxy at 1st but nicely wearing in- the leather is so lovely and thick! i will say the caras are my fave over all the other mulberry styles as you can just sling them on your back and forget about them- so useful and easy- i wear mine as a backpack if I'm out all day and walking somewhere or if my shoulder starts to get tired (wearing it with the one strap on the shoulder)and I've never had any back pain or anything with it. feels very secure as you can use the buckle strap to tie the handles together which does make it impossible to open the bag- i can say this worked after someone tried to take my purse out of my bag in brixton- if the thieves there couldn't get in i'd say it's pretty secure :smile:
  7. actually i should say its slightly slouchy but because the leather is so thick in comparison to say the alexa buffalo leather- it will never be as slouchy as that and will always have a more structured look i think
  8. Thank you! I don't suppose you would mind sharing any pictures of how it looks now after a year of use? and in particular any pictures of what it looks like now as a backpack? thanks so much!
  9. will do, i'll take a few once i get home :smile:
  10. thanks so much!
  11. A few pics coming up hope this works :smile: all without anything in the bag

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  12. Another :smile:

    Attached Files:

  13. And

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  14. Hope these help :smile:

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  15. thanks so much! totally gorgeous! do you tend to wear it as a backpack much or mostly on the shoulder? so lovely you've made my decision even harder!!
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