thoughts on the 32cn HAC?

  1. just bought one and not sure...........
  2. Which leather?? color??
  3. What are you not sure about, HERMESAHOLIC? What are the specs....color/leather/hardware? We can help........
  4. hi (i am new to the forum). I am constantly buying but i am not getting exactly what i want (i guess is the problem--like so many of us right?). The 32cm is rouge garance epsom with palladium hardware. its a beauty, BUT I really love the swift leather. bought a 30cm swift about a month ago and have used it non-stop. its actually the first time i have ever truly loved one of these bags and used it regularly--my only problem is that i need a 35........begged SA for a 35 kelly or birkin. she had two kellys but both togo and a white an red birkin (none in swift). I thought this 32 was so gorgeous i couldnt believe my eyes BUT i like the smoochiness of swift and the epsom is much more structured. i guess i am tired of buying and buying and never getting what i really want! what does it take?

    i guess this is a 2 pronged question: first what do people think of the 32? second how do you get that 35cm birkin in blue jean or black swift?
  5. The 32 is my personal favorite!!! I think it is the perfect size. IMO, it holds almost as much as the 35, but it's lighter in weight! I even have one on SO! Epsom is definitely more structured than swift, but both leathers have their benefits! As for buying without ever getting exactly what you want, almost everyone who becomes addicted to Hermes buys some things that they realize they shouldn't have. Is your rouge HAC growing on you yet? I bet it will!!!!
  6. This is such a personal choice. For me, the 32cm HAC is perfect. I love the height and the look BUT I am not a fan of Epsom for this piece. Maybe a different leather is what you need?

    Have you looked at a 36cm HAC? Maybe that might be more of what you are after.
  7. You know.......I had a 32cm HAC and loved it. I really did. Black Box with Ruthenium (GOREGOUS!!!!!!) and it now lives with another PF'r who loves it just as much if not more!!!! Why did I sell it? Because I want a softer leather!!!

    In my own case, if I find a HAC in a softer leather, I'll be all over it like white on rice!!!!

    I THINK that if you are in love with your may have a hard time falling in love with your HAC. This is exactly what happened to me. My 30cm Togo came along and WHAM! Black Box HAC almost never came out to play.
  8. Hi, Hermesaholic vbmenu_register("postmenu_2663272", true); ,

    It sounds we have the similar inquiry. I have a 30 birkin and wish a 35 one but am not sure the size as I am 5'2. I consulted on 32hac or 35 in this forum sometime ago and decided to get 1 of each because the 32hac should fit me on size and the 35, IMO, should be the default birkin, it is a must have.

    So you got the 32hac already ( it attracts you at least)and just keep it and get a 35 in a later time.
  9. Hermesaholic, I feel that you appreciate this new Rouge HAC 32, but, perhaps would really love it were it in Swift instead of Epsom???

    I have a birkin 30 in Swift....and absolutely love this skin. It is souple, smooth ( has a beautiful surface ) and it resists scratching and water drops just brush right off of it. So far so good!

    How long ago did you buy the HAC?? Are you within the 10 day exchange for store credit???

    If so, you could return it and request of your SA what you really would love to have....which you say is a Birkin 35 in Black or Blue Jean swift.....the next podium is, I believe in July and/or in the meantime, your SA could be on the lookout for you and call you should a 35cm Birkin in Black or Blue Jean arrive at your store.

    Do you feel these would be options for you??
  10. My true feelings: I've got 30cm and 35cm Birkins and a 32cm HAC, and I wish Hermes made a 32cm Birkin. The 30cm is too small, the 35cm is too big and the 32cm is too tall and the handles are too short. Why the heck doesn't Hermes make a 32cm with the same width as the HAC, but not so tall and with the same length handles as the 30cm Birkin? What's so difficult about that?

    JPG, if you're evesdropping on TPF, wouldn't this be easy to do? And I think you'd have a runaway hit.
  11. I totally agree Millstream...I'd love a 32cm Birkin!:yahoo:
  12. thanks everyone: i still have a massive headache over this. yes if it was swift i would be in heaven........however other issues (which are quite succinctly addressed by Millstream) include the following: yes the 32 has shorter, slightly annoying handles BUT the 35 is actually too big IMO and too big for me (i am 5"5" and small framed), the 30 is amazing and I have one in swift already but I needed a bigger bag as my biggest hermes bag is a 31cm bolide, closely followed by the 30cm birkin). the 32 HAC is the MOST elegant Hermes on the planet in some ways. The chic length up and down.......but i dont like epsom (love the color hate the leather). to be fair to Hermes though I am a pschyo about leather:I dont care for clemence, togo, vache liagee. I love chevre and swift (gulliver) or exotic. i like dressier leathers that hold their shape. In other words I am an Hermes mess!
  13. ^ hmmm. I'm not an Epsom fan either. It sounds like you just need a 32 in a different leather. Find one in chevre or Swift and it's a totally different bag. I'd return it. These bags are too expensive to settle for. ]
    Also, have you tried the 37cm Bolide? Might be a good option for a larger bag, too.

  14. why do i hate epsom i cant put my finger on it?
  15. ^ I don't HATE it but to me, it has a plasticy feel and certain colors are more pale in this leather. I just prefer softer, more supple leathers that have a more luxurious "hand."