Thoughts on the 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli...

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  1. I bought a Milk Medium Pashli from Nordstrom and now that I have it... I'm not sure. My everyday bag is my LV Delightful in Damier Azur... I don't know if I don't like the shape, or the tassels... What are your thoughts? Has this grown on you, or should I return it?
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  2. I returned mine. It's pretty to look at but i don't like where the straps connect, how long the long strap is, how the bag hangs and how the front flap makes it hard to get in and out of. It wasn't the bag for me.
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  3. I got over it quite quickly. I prefer the look of the mini proportion wise but the way it closes meant I could fit next to nothing in it or it wouldn't close. So that had to go back but I ended up buying 3 in total just because I liked it so much and was trying to make it work. I ended up with a medium which was better for fitting stuff but after having it a few months I looked down at it when out and suddenly realised that I didn't like the look at all.
    Sold it that day.
    I'm surprised at the recent prices I've seen for it. I paid nothing like what is being charged these days, I think it's now way overpriced and not a bag I can see lasting as a classic.
    If you don't love it definitely return it because resale isn't great.
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  4. I haven't touched my medium pashli for almost 2 years but I still love the look of it. I think the medium is suited for days when you don't need to frequently open and close the bag while you're standing, i.e. school or work. I have the mini and absolutely love it.
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  5. I sold my large and medium but kept 1 mini and even bought 1 floral mini. They're a perfect size considering the weight
  6. I have the Mini and I adore it! It's downright amazing how much you can fit in such a small bag!
  7. I have a small and well, a downright LARGE Pashli too!
    While I actually really like the look of them both, I agree that they do hang strangely at the back when worn. It's because they are being pulled up by handles that sit halfway down the back of the bag.
    The large one is a deep, dark red, and while I love the colour, I am just not wild about the texture of either of them. They are a little too stiff for my style. I like bags that are a little 'smooshier' :giggle: