Thoughts on the 19 21p iridescent white bag?


May 8, 2006
Hi everyone!

I already own a 19 bag in yellow and thinking to add another 19 bag to my collection. I've reserve the 21p in white iridescent and am patiently waiting for it to arrive. I fell in love with the bag when pictures of it started to appear in instagram but lately I'm not so sure of it anymore. The more I see pictures of it the more I think it reminds me of a satin pillow, which may or may not be a bad thing haha.

For those who have seen the bag IRL, what are you thoughts? Do you think it's too delicate? Any mod shots that can be shared?

Thanks everyone! Screenshot_20210124-164813.png


Mar 12, 2008
I've always thought it was beautiful but now I can't unsee the white satin pillow either.

Wait for it to come to your house and see it in person.
Aug 17, 2008
I love it, I don't see the pillow effect :biggrin: To me it's neutral and would go with a lot of outfits. How well it would hold up over time being metallic and a light color would give me pause at this price point, but really is a beautiful bag.
Jan 15, 2021
I cant unsee the Satin Pillow lol.
I think the bag is pretty. It is a trendy bag that im afraid it’ll loose it’s “trendy” quite fast. As far as the iridescent, i just hope it doesnt loose its shine over time which im afraid it might, not to mention that it might be tricky to clean because it is iridescent. I’d pass.


Jan 9, 2009
Agreed! I love this bag and actually just got it myself, but I am concerned about how it will hold up and the overall care with such a light bag. It is stunning in person. With the price increase it's a hard pill to swallow paying 5700 plus tax for a 19 that is a bit more trendy than classic. I can't decide if I will keep mine...but i'm not sure i'll be able to return it lol.
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Apr 4, 2018
Is your intention to use the bag for a season or two and sell it? Or do you want to keep it in your collection? It is very satiny looking in the photo and I would be concerned with care and styling it.
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