Thoughts on the '09 Navy Blue Jumbo in Caviar?

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  1. Has anyone seen the new jumbo caviar in Navy Blue with silver hardware?
    i don't have any jumbos at all and am looking for an everyday bag!
  2. Navy is one of those interesting colors I can't get my head around... can one of you gals with a navy bag tell me how easy it is to wear? I feel like I wouldn't be able to wear navy with black, for some reason? But I've never tried on a navy bag.
  3. I've seen it & it is really gorgeous. The silver hardware with the navy looks great. Navy is an awsome alternative to black. In my opinion, it looks better than black when you want to dress down in jeans. It's also dark enough to wear with black. It would for sure make a great everyday bag for you.
  4. i saw the pics of the blue bag and it looks yummy but in lambskin with SHW for SS09.
    It can ve used for everyday and a great alternative to black... :smile:
  5. I love navy! I wear my navy chanel all the time, I the jumbo caviar would be perfect for everyday
  6. I have the navy lambskin and bought it because I wear alot of black and have 3 black Chanels already, it is a great alternative. Navy I find is quite close to black and sometimes people dont even notice its a blue bag at all. It makes a change to black and navy is my fav. coloured Chanel bag
  7. I think it's really gorgeous! :love: NM has them! If I didn't have an '07 crackled navy patent Jumbo, it would have come home with me!! :nuts: It's much, much nicer than the navy Chanel has done in the past (practically black), and a great color if you wear jeans a lot! :smile:
  8. I love navy. I love using navy with gray, white, or brown outfit. Navy also looks great with pink and red outfits. It's like the dark brown except even classier.

    I have the 08 navy lambskin in medium with SHW. It has a gorgeous hint of purple. My navy patent mobile art in brushed gold hardware is also on its way to me. I'm super excited.
  9. I love colors, so I've always had a love affair with Navy. It's blue but still dark enough to be a neutral. It works great with tan/beige/taupe colors, whites, pinks, the list goes on. And this Cruise 08 caviar navy is Fabulous! Truly stunning. Not a black navy at all. Really, really pretty. A dark marine blue if you ask me.

    You should see it in person if you can. It's lighter than the Fall lambskin navy for sure, i was pleasantly surprised.
  10. Hi H! :heart: ITA that the cruise navy is gorgeous!! I didn't care for the navy caviar from a few seasons ago because it looked black to me. This is a true navy and won't be mistaken for black. If I didn't have the 07 patent navy, I'd probably have this baby in my collection as well. :P
  11. Someone had posted a picture of it and the red that they were deciding between and it was stunning.

    Love it!

    But I have to pass, I am trying to be good and ease into this ban thing.:Push:
  12. Hi H!! :heart: When I saw it, I almost cursed NM for having yet another bag to tempt me and my critically injured wallet! :P It's really a gorgeous marine blue, and none of that "is it blue or black?!" crap going on haha!! :P We have the same navy patent flap :love:... there's no way I'm parting with mine, so unless I find a medium navy caviar flap (which apparently doesn't exist! :sad:), I'll have to pass on the navy! :smile:

  13. I really like it. Don't have any navy bag, but it's on my wishlist and I would love it to be Chanel
  14. I haven't seen it IRL but I've seen pictures and looks absolutely gorgeous!