Thoughts on Target Designer Collaborations

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  1. I've never been a fan of Target designer collaborations. It's not because I think they cheapen the brand name or kill exclusivity, but because consumers are paying a substantial sum of money for what is ultimately a Target quality garment/bag/shoes/etc. I have a Missoni x Target tee and I also own several real Missoni pieces (M Missoni skirt, Missoni scarf, and a long Missoni cardigan). I won't begin to compare the Target piece to any of designer's real merchandise because the quality of the tee is so very poor. This begs the question: why bother buying a (questionable) label when you know you're not paying a single cent for quality? Wouldn't you be better off buying higher quality pieces for the same price or getting the same quality stuff for a lower price?

    I'd appreciate your thoughts, ladies.
  2. I guess it's just about the label. If Valentino partnered with target I would definitely buy something, mostly because I find Valentino clothing to run too small for my body type and if it was at target, even if it was cheaper quality, the look would be the same and I could find it in my size. So perhaps people buy it for different reasons?
  3. Labellover81, that's a good point. If you want a design similar to the original label when it doesn't fit your body type Target is a good way to go.

    But are you really getting Valentino when buying a collaboration? To me it's still just Target with a jacked up price tag.
  4. I love the target collabs, I think they are a great way for people who normally can´t afford the real brands to get a piece of that design. Not everyone can pay $1000 for a Missoni blouse. The Target quality isn´t the same as the designers, but the price reflects that as well.
  5. I bought a ton of wu xmas ornaments for 70% at the end of the 2012 season and my tree looked AWESOME this year!! Ive never bought clothes, but im considering getting the politto beach bags when they go to 70% off
  6. I'm not into the collaborations. Agree with what has already been stated about the quality. I guess if I was ever a huge fan of one of the designers Target works with I'd just save for one of the real pieces or scour ebay/consignment stores.

    I never understood the craze when the Missoni collab launched!
  7. I haven't purchased any great clothing during the collaborations, but the housewares have been AMAZING! I purchased some Missoni tea light holders that everyone comments on as soon as they walk into my house. I also have some Tracy Reese dessert plates from the NM collaboration that are fabulous. Honestly, my husband and mom both gave me the, "Oh no, how much did you spend?!" look when I brought out the dessert plates. I bought two sets and wish that I had purchased a third set! I have a thing for fine china, and the quality of these is unbelievable. I also love my Eddie Borgo frame.

    I will say that the quality of some items is lacking. I wanted to love the Altuzarra highball glasses, but had to return them because they weren't up to par.
  8. Call me a purist or what not, but I buy designer for two reasons: quality and design. I have to be impressed by both before I shell out good money for something. The low quality of Target collaborations defeats the purpose of the designer name on them. Besides, I never consider such merchandise to be designer. Just because it says "Missoni" on a tee shirt doesn't make it Missoni. It's all just Target to me.

    I do, however, think it's a great way to collect some great home ware.
  9. I bought a Taget Missoni knit dress with matching knit leggings for my daughter (5 at the time) and it was adorable!
    She wore it for a season and then it was too small.
    I ran into the neighbor's daughter (who I handed it off to) wearing it the next Fall when she entered Kindergarten. Still adorable.
    I own a few Missoni pieces myself and it was nice to have the style translated at a reasonable price. I was not tempted for myself because I typically buy clothes to last longer and I consider this fast fashion. But I think it can be really fun for those who enjoy fashion in lots of forms.
  10. I am still wearing my Missoni for Target pieces three (I think it's three) seasons later.
  11. +1! Still holding their shape nicely too!
  12. I am too! I only have 3 sweaters. They have washed very well & have held their shape. I still receive compliments when wearing them.

    I will say that I have not been as impressed with some of the other choosen designers clothing.
  13. i was always HM collab girl, but then decided to go for Jason Wu collab with target first time. I truly have mixed reviews, although blue blouse with flowers i still love, the cat tee had few tiny holes after just two wears and dryclean, and i cldnt find time to wear my cat bag, it just sits there still. Other ones i've been to - Pilotto and Gurung, and again 50/50. I just feel the quality of stuff is sooooo blah

    HM uses cotton and silk, and even if its low grade, still just cnt pass Target's all poly collection, especially when its super hot in summer.

    i think i will pass on upcoming collabs with target, for me, just not worth it

  14. I do agree that materials make the difference. When I have purchased from the collabs I am careful to check materials. No poly for me. That is just not breathable for me. I also try to stay away from rayon, too.
  15. Most items are low quality, but I have a few pieces from the Neiman Marcus collaboration and I love them! I got the black MJ wool scarf and a metallic pouch.