thoughts on Tani...

  1. I dont know what it is... but I am drawn to this bag. I went to the JC store but they didnt have it in yet.

    Has anyone seen it? Is it big -coz most JC bags are huge! They seriously should have modelling pics on

    What do you guys think about it?
    tani.jpg 081TANIWNA_medium_fr_Off_White.jpg
  2. Not doing it for me. I don't care for the pockets on the outside.
  3. IMO...The pockets look funny on makes me think of a Tod's handbag or a Bulga. Both of those have front pockets like that and it doesn't make for a classic bag.
  4. The US stores did not order this one and I have not seen it IRL at any of the department stores. It is on the Choo website. And it should be available in the petrol patent, too! If you like it, that is all that matters. I think the pockets on the front could be very handy. It just looks a little confusing to a Tulita style mixed with some odd zippers. I guess I like something more streamlined on the front when it comes to a Tulita style, like a Thelma or True.
  5. Have you noticed those Bulga pockets always look like saggy boobs? I'll have those soon enough without having to carry an advertisement on my purse.
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. It would actually be great with modelling pics on the JC site. I would be able to make up my mind about things. Anyways I dont think this bag would be for me but the pertol patent looks really nice. They might put that on other bags too.
  8. I always think of saggy boobs with those bags too. Even the Botkier Bianca looks the same...put two pockets on the outside, especially any shape except square, and that is what you get!