Thoughts on Suede Burberry orchard

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  1. Hey there! I just want to know people's thoughts on the Burberry Orchard in Suede. Is it a good investment bcuz I heard Suede is hard to clean and there might be some color transfers?
  2. I spray my suede things with a water and stain repellent. I like the Uggs one that they make to spray on their boots. Works pretty well for my purses and I haven't had any problems with stains, color transfers, or water spots on my suede things. I know there's another brand out there people love but I forgot the name. Apple something or other.
  3. Thanks.., so u think its a good investment?
  4. LOL, I don't know dear. That is entirely up to you. :smile: But if you do get one, the stain/water repellent spray is a definite good investment for it.
  5. opinions on the bag? THe bag is pretty expensive and I don't want Suede to ruin it lol...:smile: