Thoughts on Speedy 35 ... need opinions, please!


Should I get the Mono Speedy 35?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Get a different speedy ~ (please say which)

  4. Get a different bag, you have enough speedies! (which?)

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  1. Hello fellow LV lovers ... first of all Happy New year and hope that everyone had a great holiday season!

    I wanted to ask about your honest opinion(s) about the mono speedy 35 ... is it too big? For some reason, I have been awestruck:nuts: by this particular size. I'm on the shorter side, and saw this woman even shorter than me strutin' her 35 and it just made me stare, hubby said "hey, pick up your jaw and stop drooling, that's rude to stare" :roflmfao:, but boy was she stylin' ... she knew how to carry that bag and it didn't swallow her up or anything!

    I already have the damier 30 in ebene, MC noir, epi 25 in red, mini lin ebene and neo speedy in blue ...

    So, should I get it?
  2. I so want to have the Speedy 35! I don't think it's too big. I'm starting to doubt since a couple of weeks on buying the 35, because I need something small, but the 35 is a great size! Since you already have a 25 and a 30, I say, buy the 35!
  3. I think it's trendy. Yes, I know this sounds insane - but a few years back if you'd asked this same question with the same concerns about the speedy 30 half of the responses would have responded relating the 30 to luggage. The majority wouldn't even glance twice at the 35. Huge bags have become all the rage during the last year or so in fashion land - and now we're all brain washed into thinking bigger is better - but what happens when in 2 years from now it's not??? If you honestly don't care what's in or passe then go with your gut... but your gut seems to be telling you the 35 is too big...

    I know this sounds like a purse conspiracy theory - but this goes for all areas of handbag fashion. 3 years ago I bought a Balenciaga city and friends were advising me to go with the first (smaller version) because the city was "huge". Now, those same people crave works (version bigger than the city) because the media has brain washed us. Look at Eluxury! Last year the speedy 35 wasn't even listed in the monogram handbag category, just the 25 and 30 were. But don't blame them, they're just catering to public demand (brain washed! :nuts:)

    /end rant... PMS'ing :whistle:
  4. Get it! I have all sizes and love them all. Enjoy!!
  5. I say get it! You sound as if you really want it and im sure you can rock it!
  6. go for it, it makes an impact :tup: and looks really trendy
  7. You have enough Speedies. Seems like you like Speedies but already have a couple. Then get something different but still similar. How about the Berkeley?
  8. YES YES YES. I bought mine last month. I love it. It is not that much bigger than the 30. I am 5'3, and it feels great. I think its the speedy to get in the mono, although I also have the 30.
  9. Oh man I just bought one! I'm so anxious to get it. I love the size, it's perfect for me.
  10. I don't think you can ever have enough speedies - it seems to be a style you're comfortable with so why not get it? My friend has it and absolutely loves it, so I say go for it!
  11. ^^ ooh I know the feeling....I just received my 35 yesterday and I'm in love with it!

    The 35 is more luxurious to handle for someone with my build (short, curvy). 35cm is the perfect size to hold a magazine, light sweater and little things I pick up over the course of a shopping trip.
  12. ^^^ That's what I was thinking! I love the speedy and just don't want to have the ever so popular 25 or 30 ... so 35 in mono sounds good!
  13. I voted for 'other bag' (although I love the Speedy and think that the 35 is cute) I just think you have enough Speedies.

    How about a Trevi? (It's first on my wish list:smile:
  14. ^^^ I'm not interested in it because I think it's trendy, all my bags were bought because I like/love them and knew had a purpose and could see myself using them. I have small, medium, large and very large bags. I just love bags:love:, actually a hopeless bag addict as you can see from my collection. But I love all of them! I haven't been brain washed, I just buy what I like and love.
  15. I say go for it, I love the way the 35 looks.
    Buy it and Rock it! You could never have enough speedies....:tup: