Thoughts on sophia coppola mono slim clutch

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  1. I am thinking of getting this bag and want to know what you all think of it. I'm kind of on the fence and need some input.
  2. i love it. its totally gorge. get it :smile:
  3. I think it's stylish and versatile.

    Go get it !
  4. very chic..
  5. Love it! Seems like it can be dressed up or down. Very versatile. I say go get it!
  6. If you like it go for it!
  7. I love it, get it!
  8. I like it!
  9. I love it! It was actually on my wishlist but I wish it was a bit cheaper, I'd rather get a bag instead. But if I had the extra money I'd SOO get it. So if u have the funds then definitely get it!
  10. Yes Yes and YES it is such a gorgeous clutch and it looks so well designed
  11. It's beautiful! Just wish it wasn't so pricey!

    Definetely go for it!
  12. It is pricey...Just want to make sure I love it first and need the extra support!
  13. my friend just bought it and she loves it. She said it is one of her favs
  14. I have this bag. I love clutches, so it works well for me. It is the roomiest of the SC clutches. The LV mirror is a nice addition as well. Great collector's piece. Let us know if you buy/find one. Good luck!
  15. i love it