Thoughts on some of the new floorset items and I cheated on Coach

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  1. So, Mandyfin and I went to Coach yesterday and got a preview of the new floorset. It's the first time I thought I may not use my PCE (well except for a necklace that they have on hold for me).

    I didn't love Sophia. I didn't end up liking the clover green at all, nor the toffee embossed - very, very stiff. The grey clover pattern was cute, but nothing I felt I needed to own.

    The dot op art ones were the only ones that I found interesting - and if I didn't already have 14 bags, I would have been excited about them, but at this point, they weren't anything I felt liked I needed to have - I would only be purchasing one because I could get it at 25% off.

    I thought the accessories coming out in the dot op art were very cute and I will be picking up a cosmetic bag for sure in either the teal of the burgundy color. The coin purses were also gorgeous as was a small swingpack type bag that we saw in the purple leather.

    The Madison convertible bag did nothing for me - I found it kind of plain, and it looked liked every other Coach I already own. Again, if I only had one or two bags, I probably would feel differently, but it's not going to add anything special to my collection.

    Also saw the teal Maggie and don't think it can hold a candle to my Midnight Maggie which I like oh so much better.

    So on my way to the parking garage I walked by Michael Kors and spotted a bag that has been on my mind lately. I avoided going there with Mandy because I didn't even want to see it - but I ended up having to walk by it to get to the parking garage. I "visited" this bag a few times since I saw someone wearing it and loved it, but couldn't justify spending $500 on a Kors bag when PCE was on.

    I called my DH and he told me it didn't make sense to buy something just because it was discounted when there was something else I really loved, and told me to just buy the Kors. I did have the tartan Poppy with me, so I returned it and bought the Kors. I know I did love the tartan Poppy - but you guys also know I was torn, and I couldn't get that feeling to go away. So I think I will buy a smaller piece of the tartan to get my fix.

    When I went into Kors my favorite SA was there and sadly, I just find the service there is so much better. I did have a wonderful SA at Coach yesterday that I hadn't worked with before that showed us the new items, but my regular SA "handed off" Mandy and I to her and I just had an uncomfortable feeling there yesterday. There were a couple of other incidents that just left me with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that almost ruined the afternoon with Mandy - I almost went home after we were done with Coach, but I snapped out of it and we hung out for a bit which was nice. It only dawned on me after the fact how much the experience had bothered me.

    So I will go back to Coach Friday night when the new floorset is out just to have another look, and for sure to get my necklace, cosmetic bag, and maybe something from the tartan collection.
  2. Sorry about your experience at Coach yesterday Crissy. I know how you feel. I have cheated on Coach several times in the past few months with Michael Kors as well. I really love some of his bags, and hey, there is no rule that says that a girl can't love more than one designer! I know this is the Coach forum, but I would love to see your Kors bag anyway! Enjoy!
  3. I was actually DYING to do a reveal of her, but wasn't sure if it was appropriate. I have to go to work soon but would love to post a pic of her later today. THANK YOU for asking!! :biggrin: I know I can post it in the general forum, but it's more fun over here cause this is where I hang out!!
  4. Congrats on finding a bag you love. I second the request for pics. Maybe you can do comparison pics of your new Michael Kors bag with a Coach bag, lol.
  5. I have been feeling the same draw to the Michael Kors handbags. There is a particular bag that I am dying for. At my mall, the Michael Kors store is directly across from the Coach store. I recently got a Michael Kors watch from my Dad for my B'day and I LOVE it. I went in to MK to get a look at the same watch in the gold color ( I got all Silver) and I fell head over heels for this bag. I used my PCE at coach for 2 little wallets for use with small bags but no bag. That MK bag lives in my head. Please post pics of it.
  6. Crissy,

    I also love some of Micheal Kors bags, haven't bought any yet. Sorry about your exp yesterday. I would love to see your new bag!!

  7. I do agree that there is a bizarre vibe at that store. It feels like a petty high school drama. The SA who helped us is really wonderful though, she is the first one I started working with. And I am also glad you chose the bag that made you happy!
  8. Buy what you love... It is not cheating, it is good to have a well rounded collection..
  9. Congrat's Crissy on buying a bag that makes you happy..It doesn't matter who the Designer is.Your not *cheating*.Your just not seeing anything that catches your eye from Coach.I don't blame you for returning the poppy bag either.When you know, if that bag was meant to be in your collection, it would have stayed.Now you have a bag that makes you happy!When I went shopping Friday night, I didn't see anything else either, although I had my heart set on the dot op art sophia:smile:I was looking for the sophia accessorie's and had no luck.So maybe next week they will have some out.Anyways, good for you for buying the MK's bag, enjoy~:smile:
  10. I've been looking at the Michael Kors handbags too. I really want one but am not familiar with this brand. I need to check them out. I really want to see it too. do they have sales sometimes?
  11. Sorry about your experience. I called two Coach stores last night and they SAs were a bit snooty with me and not really willing to give me much information about the new leather Sophias.

    And I agree, let's see the Michael Kors bag!!!
  12. I can understand about most of the stuff not being all that thrilling. I'm sorry if you feel like your SA handed you off =/ She may have felt like she was supposed to do so, depending on her role that hour. Coach SAs are given different roles each hour. So she may have handed you off because she was supposed to. I don't know what else happened, but I'm sorry it left you with a bad feeling :sad: Coach SAs should always try to make you feel welcome when you come in, and eager to return when you leave.
  13. Yeah I would not buy something just because it is PCE, but understand that feeling that you have to, LOL. I saw a few items yesterday as well....the teal Maggie, great color but not for me. Even though it looked good my red hair I have had several Maggies which I always return or sell....I am not a shoulder bag girl. I actually like the blue smoke Kristin better (wish it had silver hardware).

    I saw the Python Sophia in grey. I thought this bag came in small and large but they said just large. The large is much too big for me....I wanted the pink but felt it was not as well made as the Python Kristin. Plus it did not stand on its a little more structure.

    Clover Sophia...nice color but it seems like it should have come out in the spring line, that a fall green should have been a dark green color. Did not see the purple, they did not have it.

    I did love, and think I will buy the black Croc Sophia. I did not see the gathered Sophias....they are not really doing anything for me but maybe IRL I will like them better. I also did not see the Toffee Croc one....I am going to wait for the new floorset and see all the bags to see if anything catches me eye. If not I will get the Croc Sophia after returning my Sophia flower bag.

    I think if you do a reveal of a MKs bag, if not done with a Coach bag also you might need to reveal it in the general handbags thread...that is how I understood this to work. You make want to ask the Mods. Funny they don't have a MK subforum.
  14. I want to see the bag too. So there is a new floor set coming out this week? I was thinking of going to my store today but maybe I will wait. Do you know what will be in the new floor set?
  15. I want to see the bag too! please post here :smile: