Thoughts on shrunken calf?

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  1. I had a red polished buffalo Alexa in early 2015, which (to cut a long story short) I got a refund on after spitting my dummy out at Mulberry. Since then I have had returner's remote :nogood:

    I want it back! Or another red variant. I like polished buffalo as it is so structured, and as a result couldn't get along with the slouchiness of the red glossy goat Valentine version.

    I've got the opportunity to purchase a poppy red shrunken calf Alexa, but am unfamiliar with this leather. I'd appreciate your thoughts as to its structure and durability.

    In my collection are 2 x polished buffalo Alexas. I also have 2 x soft grain Bays, so am used to thicker 'spongier' leather.

    Thank you v much!
  2. Shrunken calf is definitely a durable leather! I can highly recommend it. :smile: I have an indigo Alexa in shrunken calf. Is a little heavier than the softer leathers though, but not overly heavy and I love it! :smile: It's a little different too what makes it also so special.
  3. Sides of my tricolor primrose are poppy red shrunken calf.
    It's stiffer, as above poster says. Durable.
    But...tiny warts. This is not something you can pat on a train, for soothing effect.
    However, feel free to slam bag into creepies. Because won't scuff easily. Probably will hurt. ;)
  4. I have a small Bayswater buckle in black shrunken calf. Smells divine, looks amazing, durable, lovely to touch. I can't find any cons to this leather as the others have said above....
  5. I had the Suffolk in ginger shrunken calf. Loved the leather, very luxurious. Couldn't say the same for the bag! It now has a new home.,
  6. I briefly had the mini buckle bays, but it had microfibre lining and I returned it, buckle bays didn't appeal to me at first, but only because of the open ends...... Now regretting not getting the small in the sale as want a bag bigger than and SBS but not as big as a full size bay..... Blinking typical, always want something from previous seasons

    It lush, thick and robust and ooooooh!

    I also briefly had and returned an outlet special Alexa, it was quite dry though so returned it as I had concerns about colour fade, I saw one appear on fleabay and it had faded considerably in the corners
  7. +1 lol!

    Yes, for sure, you could slam your bag into someone unsavory and your bag would likely be unharmed. It is a nice, thick substantial leather. I have a black shrunken calf small bays buckle. It's one of my most loved bags.
  8. We're twins! I love this bag. It's just the perfect size.
  9. I do have a tendency to overfil mine and then my arms hurt dragging all my crap about... I must learn to travel lighter :lol:
  10. I've been working on that myself. I try to carry items that are not valuable and are "might needs" (like granola bars or a first aid kit) in a tote bag that I leave in my car out of sight. If you have to take public transport, then it's tougher to eliminate those types of items.
  11. I know exactly what you mean. I normally have my mid sized pencil case, cosmetic bag, large wallet, phone, notebook and car keys. that's my basic lot. I have, for the last week, been leaving the cosmetic case behind.

    I am going to one day be able to travel with just a regular lily if it kills me... :lol:
  12. Sorry to have posted and ran - couldn't get access to a computer this weekend! Thank you so much for your thoughts on the shrunken calf. It's great to know that it is structured and hard-wearing.

    I think I am going to hold off and try to see the bag in person. I want to check out the colour (I recall the Poppy Alexa being in the main stores and feeling that that the colour was a bit muted compared to the buffalo). I'm also keen to see whether the boldness of the grain works with some of the finer details of the bag, such as the plaited handle.

    But, it is very reassuring to learn of its durability!!!

    Thank you!