Thoughts on SHIH?

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  1. So I was at Nordstrom Rack and got a great deal on a "Shih" handbag ($89 reg $450)...I may return it since I have had a recent splurge, but how can you turn down that deal? (not sure about the banana yellow color- what do you wear it with?:shrugs: ). Just wondering if anyone has had good/bad experience with this brand? I have seen a few (actually saw Stacy Keebler with a black one at Whole Foods the other day- hah) and the leather is really soft & buttery! Just haven't seen much mention on TPF and was's a link and pic of it in blue: Thanks!:flowers:
  2. i hate Zappos! they jack up the prices most of the time, except for the sales.
  3. ok no, scratch that. sometimes i like Zappos bc they do have free shipping and insane sales.
  4. free shipping both ways = inflated prices
  5. You got that exact bag in yellow at the Rack? Wow b/c I just saw the black one at regular Nordstrom for $269 (on sale - reg price was $450). I was looking at it for my friend b/c she loves Shih bags. I think they are super cute too! If it's at the Rack for $89 I should tell her, though!
  6. I know Shih is sold at Welcome to!. I contacted them about getting the Keira in white, but it was sold that the one you were talking about?

    BTW, higala is a cool website. They said they are relatively new, but are going to start carrying more designers in time for Christmas. Their prices are great, but they need more stock.
  7. ctm19- I did find it at the Rack but it was the only one there :sad:
    I think it was marked down so much b/c it's an odd tan/banana yellow color and must have been a return (it has a bit of color transfer- you can tell it's not new). The leather is great, though- which is why I picked it's really slouchy- which I love!
    ilovenyc78- it IS the Keira...and great website!
  8. I reallly like the chunky hardware on that! It is super cute, though I have not seen one in the store, yet!
  9. Yeah, I did a quick reconaissence of my local Rack last night and no Shihs :sad:. Sounds like you got a great deal! Please post pics as I'd love to see the color :yes: - never seen the Kiera in anything but black or brown and I am a yellow bag fiend!!