Thoughts on Sharpey Pony?

  1. My SA called me about this piece, and I took a look at it today. It's absolutely gorgeous--the color, the leather, oh and that slouch (who can forget that)--but I'm not sure about the pony hair. I'm not a big pony hair fan, and I'm also worried about how it will wear. Ladies, what do you think--should I get it? It's on hold for me until Monday!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. ^Bump. Jill where are you, miss Sharpey queen? I need your opinion as well :yes:
  3. I would be very careful buying anything with pony hair. It gets easily ruined and can leave bald spots on the bag.
  4. This is exactly what I was worried about. Perhaps I will have to pass. It was gorgeous though!
  5. I have a pony hair bag (not Chanel) from last year and it has held up very nicely. I have seen absolutely no wear. However, it's a satchel with a leather base, not a tote so it probably doesn't get as much use and abuse. I am a bit more gentle with it than some other bags, but not any more than with my lambskin flap. I think the Chanel is such a stunning bag, but if you're not a pony fan it might not be worth it.
  6. I have a pair of pony hair shoes by Michael Kors that I have had for years and they have held up fine. I wear them alot in the winter (they are warm!). I wore them to work etc. They still look great.
  7. :tdown: Sorry - I saw this bag last week in pony hair and imho I think it is much prettier in lambskin.