Thoughts on selling my micro luggage

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  1. Hello Celine family. I recently brought myself to a very tough decision and decided to sell my kohl luggage tote in micro size. I absolutely love it to pieces but hand cary only is not practical for my lifestyle at all and I never use it.

    It is in perfect condition- doesn’t even look used. I listed it on Rebag and they quoted me $780!! I feel that is such a rip off. Now I’m torn between selling it myself or giving in to desperation and just accepting it.

    Has anyone sold a Celine bag recently? It’s been so long since I sold I honestly have no idea what a good rate is or how they hold their value. I usually just buy what I love and don’t think about selling. What do you all think I should do? I’m 8 months pregnant so I’m not sure I want to deal with listing on my own but my heart tells me not let them rip me off. TIA!!
  2. I sold my grey croc embossed trapeze bag recently. If you look around on resale websites ( RealReal, Tradesy, Poshmark etc), Celine bags in very good-excellent condition sell for $800-1200. One of my friends wanted to buy my bag so I got lucky, and got $1500 for it (still had the box, receipt etc). Is the $780 quote pre or post commission that the site takes? If that's money you take home it's not horrible for Celine, but if they take 20% off that I wouldn't use Rebag. I personally have stopped using the reseller route that does the work for you ( RealReal etc) because they lowball and take a HUGE cut. I always list myself on Tradesy and Poshmark, however, sales do tend to take longer on these sites.

    Do you need the money ASAP? If so, you can give it to Rebag, but if you're not in a rush I would list online and see how that goes. It really doesn't take much time and you usually end up getting more money for your items.
  3. That sounds about right to me, Rebag does tend to offer on the low side. Sadly, Celine resale has also dipped quite a bit. I would try selling on your own as you'd probably get more. Have you also tried other sites such as FP? I sold my mini luggage to them a few months back and they offered me a buyout of $750, and my mini wasn't in excellent/perfect condition.
  4. Definitely try Fashionphile. When I was selling a seasonal Chanel bag in brand new condition I submitted quotes to Rebag, Yoogi’s, The Real Real, Ann’s and Fashionphile. FP was the largest quote I received by almost double.
  5. Celine doesn't hold much of their value. You mentioned that you never used it anyway. Take the rebag offer. That's just me
  6. Thank you so much guys for the input. The $780 is my final take home. I think I may just take it this time around since so many of you are saying it sounds not too far off for Celine resale. I don’t need the money but I did drop the bag off at their physical store in Miami about 45 min from me. I don’t think it’s worth my time now to go pick it up and sell on my own given my current very pregnant state. Now I definitely know for next time though. Thank you guys!!
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