Thoughts on selling 2 for 1

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  1. #1 Oct 2, 2012
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    I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not I should sell my delightful pm and speedy 30 for an artsy mm? I love the artsy but I'm afraid of regretting it. Is it worth it?

    ETA: Reminder that selling/buying/trading is NOT permitted on tPF.
  2. You opened 3 other threads about this same subject. Obviously, you like the artsy and can't stop thinking about it. I say sell your other bags to get an artsy.
  3. i think artsy mm is totally worth it!!! :heart:
    I absolutely love & adore mine~~
    I fell in love with artsy the first time i saw it but i got delightful gm and galliera pm thinking they are a comfier hobo, read alot saying artsy isnt comfy and that its hard to get in & out of... but i just couldnt forget artsy and had to have it, and it immediately became my favorite...its real special!!
    gets so much compliments that even my dh said glad we got the artsy and not something else...its really a statement bag and gets noticed.
    I usually have a hard time keeping shoulder/hobo bags on my shoulder, but not for may not be the comfiest but it does stay on my shoulder when i want it to.

    I'd say sell my delightful pm and speedy 30 to fund artsy, if you're not losing a ton of money and if you're not using them / loving them anymore.

    Good luck deciding :smile:
  4. It depends on if you use the delightful and speedy now. Why are you thinking of getting rid of these two bags?
  5. I say 100% no. The artsy looks awkward on most people IMO and rarely ever looks like it actually fits under the shoulder. I think it's an awkward bag. The speedy 30 is a classic and the delightful is super convenient and has a great strap. I would never trade 2 useful bags for an artsy but that's just me :smile:
  6. depends on whether you use your Delighful and Speedy a lot.
    If you do use the two and love them, why not just save towards getting the Artsy?

    If that is out of the question maybe you should go to LV first and try on the Artsy.
    If after trying it on you feel that it really is the bag for you, and that selling the two bags you own will be worth having the Artsy, then by all means go for it. It's hard selling the two bags for an Artsy, if in the end you decide that you don't like the Artsy.

    The same scenario happened to me when I bought my Chanel GST.
    I love the Chanel GST but there is no way I can buy it without selling my other bags (back then I have quite a lot and I am not using them, teehee). I think I got lucky because I sold some bags I don't use and don't like anymore to get it. So no regrets there. Good luck deciding!
  7. +1
  8. :yes: Very observant!
    And I agree, if you have to talk about the Artsy all the time or even think about it, you probably would prefer that over the other 2.
  9. Haha, when you are lurking here everyday like me... You just remember things. :sad:
  10. Lmao agreed !!!!

    Op- get it please ! No more 4 thread please !
    Hahaha jk
  11. If you have a lot of bags to use, then yes. Otherwise, I would keep 2 different bags rather than having just one.
  12. My feelings exactly, I'm not a fan of Artsy but a lot of other people love it.
    I'd say make sure you really really love Artsy before you let go of your Speedy and Delightful.

  13. i agree. OP, i love seeing artsy too on lv website, i think it is a beautiful piece but every time i see modeling pictures it just seems awkward to me too. i don't know if it is the base, or the fact that there is no space under the armpit, or that it is open, or i am just weird! i erased it from my wishlist. When i spend so much money i don't expect a bag to be just beautiful on its own, i want it to be beautiful on me and practical for me too. I would buy it only if there was nothing else i wanted, just to have this gorgeous piece but i wouldn't sell two other practical bags in order to fund it.
  14. I ABSOLUTELY LVOE my Artsy... I would say worth it!!!! I got the white Kusama Neverfull and actually miss using my Artsy :sad: so Ill be switching back soon..
  15. Ahh I know the feeling! I remember things here as well as this is my part time job. :greengrin: