Thoughts on same color/dif bags?

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  1. What do you guys think of having the same color, but different style of bags? I'm wondering if I'd want 2 of the same colors, even in different styles...I also don't know if I can "justify" purchasing a style I've been wanting, but in a sale color - that I already have...

    Thoughts? :smile::giggles:

  2. What were u thinking of?
  3. Not sure...just a real "color" instead of blacks/blues, etc...

  4. Did you get the belk coupon to work?
  5. Nope...never did!

  6. Maybe like a red?
  7. Red or khakis...could you have two of same colors, but did styles?

  8. I called customer service to maybe get it done over the phone and rep said no none coupons apply for clearance items and I asked what if I applied for credit card and he said no I'm like 😩 it says 15% off

  9. Yes you can ! I have black selma and black Hamilton

  10. That STINKS!! I'm sorry!!

  11. But what about reds or khakis? Two red bags or two dark khakis?

  12. I called again and lady helping me said I apply and yes 15% will apply but I don't wanna apply for a cc.

    I would say 2 dark khakis
  13. I have more than one color in neutrals and my favorite color purple. The brighter colors I usually stick with 1, but if you really love the style, go for it.
  14. So I was thinking the same thing- and I ordered a red selma @ Belk's. Then I saw my dream bag (pearl gray grommet selma) on sale at Macy's and I canceled my red selma! So my rare pop of color is not happening, yet again lol.

    PS. I need an intervention now. 4 MKs in a month??!:nogood::faint:
  15. I'm eyeing the same bag. Did you get any coupons to work? I'm not having any luck....:smile: