Thoughts on rose poudre as a bag colour.

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  1. Hi

    I'm thinking of buying a rose poudre diorama bag. Does anyone have any pictures of any rose poudre bag? Is it a high maintenance colour? Is it like a baby pink at all?

  2. Check out the reference library thread:

    Like all lighter colours, Rose Poudre can show dirt more readily. The grained calfskin Rose Poudre is pretty durable (more scratch-resistant than lambskin), so it will probably get a bit dirty with wear over time. All you need to do is clean it with a neutral cleaning cream, or get Dior or a leather expert to clean it for you.
  3. I have last years grained calf in this's a very pale baby pink. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on this bag!

    I wear it frequently and with dark denim and dark clothing as well. It has one tiny hair thin denim transfer mark on the bag, not noticeable at all, only upon close inspection did I notice it.

    I love this bag and highly recommend it!
  4. I bought a lady dior in this colour a few years back, its a very soft pink, have not had any problems as such with colour transfer its quite easy to maintain.
  5. Thanks average joe. The picture gives me a good idea about the bag! Love it.
  6. Thank you! I'm taking the plunge! The colour is so chic and so Dior!
  7. Thank you! I'm going to get it hopefully soon. :smile: