thoughts on repair policies of various companies

  1. i was just wondering about what other people on TPF think about this subject. i recently had to have my hardware fixed on my LV pocehtte which cost about 150 and while waiting in the repair area for me to speak with a worker i spoke with other customers and they told me of how they spent 300 or so on fixing a bag and then i began to think about this subejct of the amount of money we spend on our bags shld we have to pay the amount which is on the borderline of buying a coin purse or small wallet... and one woman was sitting in teh LV repairs section and had some large coach shopping bags and said that thsi wa sher last LV purchase b/c with coach all she has to do is pay 20 dollars for shipping and that is it ... so i started to think about this and i thought wow i could buy a $300 purse have it fixed for basically free for a lifetime but a 1000 purse i have to pay depedning on the type of repair onwards of 1 2 3 or so hundred dollars so I wanted to get input from others about does the repair policy of companies influence your purchases along with the style of the bag.....
  2. Yknow honestly I think that it should be fixed free for a lifetime, period. Especially if the bag is like an LV and costs over a grand. If you destroy a bag doing something stupid (say running over it with your car and dragging it a mile under a tire) that's one thing. But if you use it for what it's for and it gets destroyed because you didn't leave it on a shelf unused...that's not cool.

    I think charging someone for the repair of a bag that costs that much and should frankly withstand just about anything is totally BS. Its a big part of why I don't think about buying things above 400 bucks.

    Luxury car brands include all repairs and service up to so many miles, it's part of what you pay for when you buy such a vehicle. Why should luxury handbags and apparel and shoes be any different?
  3. I had a Bulova watch and it was a disaster from the beginning. My husband paid 325 dollars plus tax. So, 3 weeks later the crystal got scratched all other. After that the band - it was two tone band, the gold part started to disappear from the band. I took it to the same store and was told to change a band would cost me 89 dollars. I did change a crystal in another country and it cost me 8 dollars, no scratches after that. I asked for a band change, but because it is made specifically to this watch model, they could not do anything about it.
    So, now 2 years later the crown broke. I took it again to the store to get the idea, and was told it is another 90 dollars for a crown and 30 dollars for generic one plus money to repair it.
    I was wondering if Bulova aware of how many problems this particular model has and was told it is a good brand and whatever relatives have this watch they wear it for ages. I agreed with the last statement and tell it is probably true, because newer model just break... and need continuous repair.
    So, my watch with all the repair they need actually double the price my husband paid for them...
  4. I brought a Coach wallet to the store to have the zipper fixed because the teeth weren't lined up properly. They said that they could fix the zipper, but for $20 s/h fee. I ended up taking the wallet to my shoe guy, who fixed the zipper for free. It took him five minutes. The repair fees are ridiculous, and the "free" repairs are definitely not free.
  5. Both Dior and Bottega Veneta repaired my bags for free when the handles broke. I think Bottega actually charges, but they felt bad and the manager decided to wave the fee.
  6. thanks so much for the input and as for the watch incident i had a freidn who recently purschased a movado watch and has had to have it fixed with two weeks of purchase soi very much can understand that hassle but overal it is nice to get variosu views of the repairs policy of companies.. from reading your replies and discussion with others i feel as though some sort of cap should be placed on the repairs 20 dollars for shippign although i would reluctantly would want to pay that since i do take care of my bags but went it starts going into several hundred dollars i take a step back and wonder.. .. now sonya does Dior charge anything and what bottega vente did u have that needed to be repaired b/c bottega make ssuch nice bags luv the hobo so classic ?