Thoughts on Rasia???

  1. Is it comfortable to carry? Any modeling pics? Opinions?
  2. I am not sure if anyone here has actually purchased one, but I do remember a few weeks ago someone posted photos of one in the "Authenticate thread" which they were/had purchased on eBay.

    I looked at one several times, but I have always thought it would be too small for my tastes. I tend to lean towards the larger bags (Ramona, Mahala and Rings) and it seemed like the measurements were closer to the Maddy & Riki's which I either sold or returned.

    I will go back and see if I can find those posts:yes:
  3. Thx very much!!!!! I'm deciding betw this one and the Rana, possibly I should say. I am tryinf to make a decision. Ugh!!