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  1. I saw a purse I would like to buy from Raffaello-Network but I'm unfamiliar with this site.
    Anyone bought anything from them?
    I also looked for a coupon at toutie, grechen, reeseycakes, but came up empty so far. :shrugs:

    Are they a legit site? Any experiences with this company - or a discount code - would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi there,

    I bought my wedding shoes from this site a couple of years ago. They seem legitimate to me as my shoes came with all the original packaging including dust bags. Don't know about discounts but hope this helps!
  3. Members have previously said that they think they are a legitimate site.

    I bought my Prada Pochette from them, a few years ago and it seems authentic (although I'm not a Prada expert).

    Their service was very good. :yes: