Thoughts on Python bags in California


Python Silverado or Nutmeg Paddy in California

  1. Python Silverado

  2. Nutmeg (or maybe whiskey) Paddy

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  1. Hey Gals,

    Some of you know my Blanc Paddy wants a Pythong (Silverado) to play with.
    Spoiled brat. :P

    The sale of Python is banned in the Golden State :crybaby:

    This does not necessarily preclude receiving one :graucho:

    However!! I have seen activists protesting outside of Neimies in Union Square. And I have read horror stories of women in fur being attacked with paint and other toxic-to-clothing items :crybaby:

    Should I indulge her and get the python or go for the Nutmeg Paddy instead? :confused1::confused1::confused1:

    BTW, in all due diligence it seems the reason for the ban is that fashion's demand for snakeskin could endager the python. I don't want that. But I do understand that all snakeskins are required to be id'd as farm raised, not wild. So the major fashion houses all prove they are selling farmed skins.
  2. I have no problem with Python. Go for it if you can do it, and if you LOVE it!
  3. hm its a moral decision. if you feel comftorable wearing dead snake, then go for it!
  4. I realize I am in the minority here, but I just don't like the look or feel of the python! I have to go with another paddy:yes:
  5. I guess I should reveal right here and now that I don't have a problem holding a dead snakeskin any more than I do a dead cowhide.

    My real decision is if reactionaries in California will take away my joy. I do live in the Bay Area, and we have lots of folks that do believe snake and leather are morally objectionable. I am worried about getting targetted for wearing it I guess :sad:

    The advice I suppose I should give myself is if carrying bag is going to be traumatic, worrying about people giving me a hard time, then I shouldn't buy.

    Guess I better sleep on that :s

    PS. I love snakes, cows, etc :yes::flowers:

    PPS. I love finely crafter handbags too!! :P:heart:
  6. Go with what you feel comfortable with- if you think that carrying a python bag will make you a bit worried of others looks etc, then go for the paddy! I just would love a python silverado though!
  7. Would people really stop you on the street about this? Would they really be vocal? That's really shameful if they were to be this way.

    I would buy the bag I wanted, I would not care what anyone else thinks. But if it would upset you to be called out or spoken to, then it's not worth it. You must go with how you feel.
  8. I'm not sure :sad: I love the looks of the bag though, never seen one IRL.

    Python is illegal here in CA.

    I was hoping another CA python silveado owner would chime in...

  9. It's beautiful IRL, I'm sure you would love it. I do know that python is illegal in California, but they should leave it to personal choice.
  10. Sucks, don't it? I wanted Coach's python iPod case, but they can't even ship it to California! :crybaby:
  11. I know what you mean, Im from the bay area also :smile:
    I think you should be able to wear what you want without criticism from others :yes:
  12. CA is so strict about stuff like this, huh??

    Hey Triplets!! I see you voted for Nutmeg (muscade)!!!

    It's all your fault!! hee hee :roflmfao:

    Soooo-- have you taken muscade for a spin?? :tender:
  13. First I want to say that I agree with everything you said. People act like wearing a skin of one animal is worse than another. I think it's a personal decision that should be left up to the individual carrying it, not the state they live in. I'm vegetarian but I don't go up to people at restaurants and scream at them for eating a steak. It's not my right.

    I LOVE the Python Silverado! It has grown on me so much since visiting this forum. I actually want one myself. :love: If you were going to get another paddy the only one I would vote for is whiskey. It's such a beautiful an unique color! If It was nutmeg vs python, I would get the python. :yes:
  14. Yeah it's illegal here..somehow though, my LV got in the Monogram Denim Chinchilla Demi Lune a couple months ago, which has python trim (the handles and two strips on the bottom). I bought it, of course and I love's one of my Limited Edition bags and I only carry it on special occasions since it's pretty delicate.

    So if you love it and can get ahold of one you want, go for it! With all of the materials out there now, most people probably won't eagle eye your bag and know it's python right away anyway.
  15. I'm not against python skin, even though I have one for a pet. But it does raise a valid point, pythons are threatened in the wild (in certain regions) due to illegal harvest but theres not much anyone can do about it. The paperwork gets doctored, all of a sudden they're "farmed raised" and most turn a blind eye on it. Which isnt suprising, it can take years for a python to get really large. But I digress, get which one you really like! A