Thoughts on Pochette Tikal?/Pics of my new Red Epi Pocket Agenda!!!

John 5

Mar 2, 2006
So today at work... a customer came in with a Pochette Tikal which I approached her automatically and commented her. I told her I reallly liked it and had never seen one IRL. So she said here you can look at it! So she gave it to me and showed me how spacious it was inside and died when I saw the alcantra lining. I looked at her date code and told her when it was made. She had no clue about date codes so I explained it all to her. Then I showed her the date codes of my Mono billfold and black Suhali Cles, which she both liked. I also showed her my new Red Epi Pocket Agenda which she also loved.

Anywho... I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the Pochette Tikal? I want to get one soon to carry around my keys, wallet, iPod, gum, and Cles inside. For those of you who own one, does the leather strap come with it or do you have to purchase it seperately? I also recently fell in looooove with the black MC iPod Case... Hopefully these two can be my next two purchases? What's great about the Pochette Tikal is that it's only $550!

My newest aquisition is the Red Epi Pocket Agenda, which is TDF!!!! The color is breathtaking and a head turner. I took a pic of Damier, red Epi, Mono, and black Suhali together which I am currently using as my computer's background. Also pictured is a late $200 gift card pressie that I received from Vlad and Megs for my 21st b-day!!! Thanks again V and M!!!!







Aug 13, 2007
Theres something very umm sexy about the red epi...I love it!! I know nothing about the Tikal so I can't really comment on that. But you do have really nice taste....I know this because you see I'm also dying for an ipod case in black mc....let's see who gets it Congrats on the red epi pocket agenda. It's hot!!


Nov 22, 2006
The Pochette Tikal looks very nice! Is it big enough though to hold your wallet, cles, and iPod without getting too stuffed? Or would you put your iPod in the front pocket? I love the turnlock also! I'll have to check out the dimensions on the LV website.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Deleted member 20806

I know you can pull off the Pochette Tikal. It looks like a nice, practical pouch for your needs! I say get it :yes: As for your red Epi agenda, it looks amazing! I'm loving that color, congrats! And that gift card is looking pretty nice too ;)


Mar 1, 2006
Love your red epi agenda - it looks fab! I have never seen a pochette tikal irl, so I don't know much about it - but the turnlock is very cute and it looks like a practical little pouch for small things.


Apr 15, 2007
Love your agenda. Is the damier one also an agenda or is it a wallet? I love the way the two look together. I have never seen the tikal in person so I can't give an opinion on that one. Happy new year !


Aug 22, 2006
Love that red agenda!! is very..HOT!
I saw a mandarin pocket agenda in the Syd LV store the other day and was like @_@ where did that come out from?? Almost bought it since mandarin has been discontinued for awhile now.


i want it all
Jul 2, 2006
I love your red epi Agenda, it is beautiful!!! I have the same Damier pocket agenda, it has gotten a lot of use this past year as a wallet/agenda, lol.

I like the look of the tikal, it's the price tag I'm not loving, it is kind of smallish but so cute. tough decision, sorry I'm no help :s