Thoughts on Pleaty GM?

  1. [​IMG]

    So the release is on Thursday, but I need to let my SA know asap.

    It's not $1260.00 but $1320.00 when I saw it at the store on Thursday.

    Should I get this bag? Is it ugly?

    TIA! :yes:
  2. i saw it IRL yesterday, and i was not as impressed wiht it as i thought i'd be, but i did not feel it, try it on, etc. it's not the least bit ugly, in fact, it's understated and with nice lines, but something about it did not call to me....:shrugs:
  3. I'm not feeling it AT ALL!
  4. I was thinking it's a good amount of bag for the money. If I loved it right from the start and it costed more, I have no problem because of all the space.

    Did you like the straps on it Michelle?
  5. Sorry but I'm not a fan.
  6. Reminds me of the Stephen with better straps for shoulder or hand held. It's strangely too modest looking. Not calling me at all.
  7. I saw them all the other night except for the clutch, which happens to be the only one I think looks nice.
  8. Not a fan...
  9. it was on display behind the counter, recognized it, but did not look at it up close. i think the handles are flat, not rolled. more structured that a bh or ph though bc they were standing up at attention.if you are not loving it, wait until something does call to you!
  10. I personally don't likey :hrmm:
  11. I love it! I like the structure of it and the buckle. I think its classy looking!
  12. I think it is classy- I like it.
  13. It seems like most people don't, but I like it! It's nice!

  14. hmm.. yeah I like the structure too. I guess I will get it :yes:
  15. I saw it today and the style is nice but for one, it was hard to open quickly, and for the size of the bag, the straps should have been longer, IMO.