thoughts on pewter?

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  1. What do you all think of this color? too flashy? just flashy enough? not at all flashy?

    i'm debating buying a linda in this color. any opinions would be great!
  2. I don't think it's too flashy at all. The color is just muted enough so not garish or cheap looking. BUT, I bought and sold a Pewter Elisha because I couldn't get it out of head that it was a dressier color. But, that was just a hang-up I had. :sos:
  3. I LOVE the pewter color...especially on the Hannah (???) clutch! Very nice metallic!
  4. The pewter metallic is a great choice because it is not flashy at has just enough punch to make a great bag even more spectacular.
  5. Not flashy at all. I have that color bag with another designer. It looks great. Especially with black.
  6. The Kooba pewter is gorgeous! I think you could dress it up or wear it with jeans. It isnt a bright stand out pewter. Very pretty!
  7. I like the pewter!! Go for it ;)
    It's not like the silver & gold mirror bags they are just too much to look at!
  8. The kooba pewter is stunning. It has the perfect amount of sheen..not too little....not too much. It can definately be worn day or night. It looks amazing even with a pair of jeans.
  9. Like the previous poster, I bought a pewter Elisha (which I adore in black and carry constantly), but had to send it back because I just couldn't feel comfortable carrying it. Maybe because I'm borderline old-fart (49), I was worried I would look garish or something. The color itself is really beautiful; although the lightness made me feel like it was too noticable. I do carry a bronze Jimmy Choo Riki bag all the time and have no problem with that, since it's a bronzy-black distressed suede.
  10. I ordered a Pewter Elisha and returned it not b/c it was a flashy color - just because it was too much on a larger bag (I felt). I saw it in the bonnie (a smaller bag) and thought it was adorable! I don't know why but when I feel like being adventurous with color - I stay on the smaller side.
  11. I have to disagree with the last opinion. As stated in a previous post I have an Elisha in Pewter and I love it- it's great. It has just enough punch for me. It looks best with natural muted tones b/c the bag should be the highlight of your outfit. I like to wear it with jeans and a cream or white colored top and it looks FABULOUS! Go for it!!