Thoughts on Perle Vernis?

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  1. I have a beautiful Perle Vernis zippy wallet on reserve with my SA. It is simply gorgeous but how practical is it? Any experiences? How is it with transfer?

    I know this will be the last chance to nab this color.
  2. I don't like the thought of white esp. if the things in your bag are dark colored! Just my honest opinion!
  3. ^that's what I'm worried about.
  4. At the last tpf meet someone had a perle wallet and was complaining that it had a little color transfer. She had to keep in the pouch. Go with a darker color.
  5. its beautiful, but l would be worried also......arn't the newer ones better for that, could you check it out, would be a shame to miss it :smile:
  6. The Perle is a beautiful color, I have the Houston and haven't had any problems.

    However I have the cles also and the white zipper is not so white anymore ~ and that's what would concern me with the Zippy.

    If you have to have something Perle, how about the Sarah maybe?
  7. I avoid all light vernis. I don't like being on pins and needles when I use an accessory.

    But if you love it and think you will regret not getting it, then do whatever makes you happy.
  8. If you were getting it to use as a clutch, then I would say go for it!
  9. I have the perle cles, and it has gotten a lot of color transfer even though I take good care of it... So I wouldnt buy such an expensive item in perle..
  10. I am like you and I have always loved the perle vernis items. I have been told by many SAs that they have a major problem with color transfers and encourage everyone to buy any of the other colors. That is why it is discontinued.
  11. I have it (and it's been in constant use for over 6 months) and I ADORE it....

    The zipper track gets a little dirty over time, but I've had absolutely no problem with transfer on the leather itself. :tup: