Thoughts on Palm Springs PM?

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  1. I just purchased this bag online and need some input on wether I should keep it or not. I love the look of it, but I find it not an “easy” bag to use and am unsure of spending over $2k on a trendy backpack style bag. Not just that, but I find that it doesn’t hold too much. Don’t get me wrong, it holds a very decent amount, but the bag really needs to be stuffed just the right way to get everything in. I also find the back slip pocket to be useless as it’s so hard to reach, not to mention the front zip pocket.

    With that being said, I feel like it really makes my basic mommy outfit look not as basic. Lol. And when I load it up, it’s super lightweight when worn as a backpack, which is helpful when my 2 year old demands to be carried.




    I also have a classic speedy 30 and perhaps a neverfull gm on the back of my wishlist, but haven’t really taken the plunge as they would be repurchases that I’m thinking I want back in my collection as I feel that they are nice staple classics to have. If I return the backpack, I could purchase the above two and hopefully be done.

    But honestly, when i go to look back at the backpack, it makes me happy. I feel so torn as I feel like it’s such a fussy bag to deal with! Any advice???
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  2. And call me crazy, but the clinking of the two zippers together make me happy. Hahaha . Is it just me?
  3. I stalked a PS MM for probably a month and was obsessed with the bag but after having it in my hands and putting my daily things in it... I returned it. I think the price point is way too high for what you get. If you love it then keep it... if it weighs too much on your mind I would return it.
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  4. I’m waiting for MM size too! I’m going to compare and see, but I already feel like the MM will be TOO big for daily use.
  5. I honestly thought it was too small! However, I am 6ft tall so that’s part of it haha. I felt like a Macassar josh backpack was a better investment but I don’t like how the josh looks after it softens up.
  6. Oh yah, that could be it! Haha. I’m 5’2, so I think it’ll be big. We’ll see....
  7. I don’t have either but considering you have a two year old i think you should consider a handsfree bag. In the next few years your child will only be running around more. I think something hands free that can still fit snacks and whatnot is perfect. So I vote either to keep this bag, or get a cute crossbody.
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  8. I give the backback another shot, I think the zipper pulls are what making the bag impractical though. And this backpack look great on you!
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  9. I have a pochette metis, neo noe and speedy b for my crossbody bags but i liked the backpack as it offered something a bit more casual and was lightweight....
  10. I believe if you are asking then you do not love it. I say you should return. If there are doubts now there will definitely be some later. It’s not a matter of it looking good it’s LV so of course it looks good. When buying something of this magnitude you should be at peace if not then I say return.
  11. I personally think it’s super cute and it looks good on you too. Personally I’m not sure if you would really be reaching for a neverfull until your child is much older. I can totally see this as a cute bag for dates out with the 2 year old. BUT it is a lot of money for a backpack. So i could also see a less expensive backpack being just as cute and functional.
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    I have the Palm Spring PM and I love it. I don’t like stuffing my purse/backpack with her items because I bought a kid’s backpack to carry her items. I have to admit, Im a t-shirt and jeans kind of mom and the PS PM is the way to go. I have a PM and SpeedyB 35 as my crossbody bags. I reach for the PS PM more
    than my PM because I prefer to be hands free. My daughter is 22 months and she is always on the go. My vote is to keep the backpack and give it another try.
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  13. The backpack looks super cute on you and I vote: Keep!! I have had a Palm Springs PM for over two years now and it's definitely the bag I find myself reaching out for and carrying the most. I also do have a Marc Jacobs backpack and a Chanel Gabrielle backpack but this is my go to. I hardly ever use my neverfull after having gotten this one. Highly highly recommend it.
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  14. Do you use it pretty much daily? I’m very much a T-shirt, jeans, slides and mom bun type of mom and I feel like the Palm Springs really makes me look more together lol. However, my little one is super active so I feel like I could get annoyed with this bag easily. Does it get easier to use over time?
  15. I was also contemplating bt this and the Gabrielle backpack, but the Gabrielle looked a bit small. Does the Palm Springs fit more/easier to use?