Thoughts on Orange Poppy Color

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  1. Hi ladies!
    I need your help. I got the call yesterday! I got offered a Birkin 30 Orange Poppy with gold hardware. I need your opinions as I always wear dark neutral colors but don't mind a pop of color. I live 3 hours away from my home store and my SA told me it was bright. Unfortunately with new policy he cannot send me a photo of the handbag. I'm not normally an orange person but don't know if I should take it as I already passed a few neutral colors. Please help :smile:
  2. I LOVE this color!!! I just bought a Dogon wallet in orange poppy yesterday along with a Kelly Double Tour bracelet to match -- I'm so in love with the color that I'm now considering a Garden Party.

    I'm a lot like you -- I wear black, black, black, blue jeans, black, black, and a few scattered neutral colors. I think it's okay to live a little and go for that pop of color!!
  3. Here is a camera pic with flash followed by no flash for inspiration..... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461454033.265403.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461454043.197982.jpg
  4. Thank you so much spicy tuna :smile: these pictures are very helpful! I feel I need to take the bag this time otherwise I won't be offered again.
  5. I really like your wallet as well :smile: thank you for your help!
  6. This picture is from the Hermes colors thread - Orange Poppy with gold HW

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  7. My SA first described this as more of a neon color over the phone to me (which I do not like). I went to the store to see it in person and I didn't feel it was neon at all. It's more of a deep yet bright orange. I compared to the usual H orange, and orange poppy looked so much better in terms of a pop of color.

    Good luck!
  8. This is a GREAT orange!! It looks just like a rope, juicy tangerine. In fact, I thought it was Orange Hermes until the SA brought out orange which looked pale by comparison.
    It's a gorgeous color.
  9. I would go for is pretty color..Im like u wear dark color s mainly and orange poppy complements dark color clothing well
  10. Thanks everyone for your help! I'm just a little nervous as I don't have anything orange in my closet. It would def be a statement piece. I'm waiting to hear back from my SA as he knows I won't be able to the store till next weekend so he's suppose to be holding the handbag for me. I just didn't want to drive all the way there, not love it then drive home.
  11. Its a bright rich orange color
    Much much btighter than usual orange
    Ghw with poppy certainly pop
    Hopefully you like it
    Good luck
  12. Orange looks great with navy, gray, ivory....very fresh paired with white linen. You will love it.
  13. I'm afraid to be in your situation as I'm also waiting for the phone call. My SA promised to offer me a B30 on my bd month. I don't always purchase neutral bags, but orange poppy scares me because it's brighter than the typical orange. I wouldn't mind this color in small accessories. A B30 is still quite big for me to be able to manage an outfit around it. I personally would have to say no to it. Just my humble opinion.
  14. I know what you mean! I don't mind pops of color but have never been big into orange. I have etoupe birkin 35, Rouge piment GP, and Rose Azalea in a wallet. I know that orange is a signature Hermes color and most people would take it in a heart beat. I already passed on a Birkin 30 Rouge H Epsom( Didn't make my heart skip) as well as a Birkin black 30 ( have too many black bags) I feel that if i pass a third time, I may not get offered again.
  15. OP -- it sounds like you are having doubts. Listen to your gut. This is a lot of money (at least in my opinion) to be unhappy, even if it's a Birkin. I'm sure your SA will understand. If not, you need a new SA!!