thoughts on nine west bags

  1. do you think if you buy it, you are tacky? is it worth the $$$$?
  2. ya know, when i go to TJMaxx to poke around, i always find myself picking up more and more nine west bags. i don't own any, and woudln't buy them, but i think im just being shallow. i have found many cute bags by them, and turned them down simpley because of the name. i'm being a snob i think lol. if you like a bag BUY IT! ESPECIALLY if it's not expensive. thats the best deal, a good one!
  3. i was at tj maxx a while ago and liked a few but still i'm having 2nd thoughts coz i wanna save some $$$ and buy real leather from designers/brands
  4. I saw in a magazine a patent leather (looking?) bag in a magazine by 9 West and it was gorgeous! I actually bought some shoes from them and they don't look cheap at all.
  5. I don't have any 9 west but it isn't real leather?
  6. I LOVE their shoes- they came out with some gorgeous ones this year that could rival famous designers. The bags are improving... at first I was not a huge fan, but there are some cute ones that I have seen. I just wish they used real leather, but I would consider a material one if I liked it.
  7. i have two that i like to toss around when the weather is bad...

    i really like them. they're budget friendly and i never have to worry about ruining them:
    Ninewest Shoulder Bag tpf.JPG Ninewest Sling Bag tpf.JPG
  8. My latest purchase is a Nine West for rainy days. It's a great big black tote. It actually saved me the other day when I had to haul a bunch of documents to another office location, and it was the only one of my bags big enough. Otherwise, I would had to take everything in my very professional looking canvas shopping bag.
    To answer the original question, buy what you like!
  9. I think if 9 West is what your budget will allow and you find a bag you like you should buy it. Before I could afford more expensive bags I bought 9 West.
  10. Nine West bags are nice for the price bracket they're in. Buy what you like.
  11. I don't think buying Nine West is tacky. They aren't fakes, and some of their bags are very useful for certain purposes.

    I don't own any, though I own some Nine West shoes. Like others have said, buy what you love and nothing else matters!
  12. Not tacky at all.
  13. I have a Nine West bag that I bought about five years ago before I could afford expensive bags. I loved it then and I still love it :love: and even though I now have bags by Dior, Ferragamo, Mulberry and Paul Smith :yahoo: I still use it a lot. It is getting a bit scruffy now, which makes me sad. :crybaby: I don't think it should matter who a bag is made by (as long as it's not a fake) if you love it - I base my bag-buying on falling in love with the bag not the label. Unfortunately for my now very small bank balance I have fallen in love with some extremely pricey bags!!!

    I also have some Nine West boots that are fabulously comfortable, I recommend their footwear!!
  14. I don't care for them. The ones I've seen tend to copy designer bags. They're a bit cheap looking imo.