Thoughts on new dior panarea in rosato canvas?

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  1. I'm debating on this bag. I haven't seen any reveals or posts on it. Was researching online and there is virtually little to no reviews out there... Wondering your thoughts on it in terms of durability. Does anyone own this bag? If so, feedback is much appreciated :smile: TIA
  2. I don't personally own this tote but my sister owns the large older version in rose poudre. She finds it extremely durable as it has become her work bag. Personally I find that's it's too nice to be a work IMO. The nice part is that's she's able to wipe it down if it gets dirty. I personally like the newer version with the enamel covered charms. Good luck!
  3. There is a thread discussing the new Panarea:

    The shape of the Panarea has changed. You may still be able to find the old Panarea in Rosato, though.

    The Panarea is a great bag, The canvas is very durable and easy to clean, as Rowy65 said.
  4. Thank you both for your feedback. I'll have to try them out irl and see for myself :smile:, it's a bummer because I actually like the look of the older versions of the panarea more.
  5. I'm sure , especially in the boutiques, there will be the older versions still there for sale. The same thing happened when they changed the shape of the soft