Thoughts on Natural/Sable Birkin in Fjord

  1. I need your feedback and opinions on the color and leather.. any pics of the color Natural/Sable? How about the leather... pros and cons?

    I really appreciate ur input ladies, I need to come to a decision fast :P
  2. ^ Does this color come in Fjord?
    IMO, I'd prefer something like gold or caramel in the heavily textured leathers such as Fjord or Togo.
    I think Natural/sable is best on chamonix or croc! :smile:
  3. Forgot to say that many people here love their Fjord Birkins! They do absorb color very well, but better for the reds or Blue Jean. Fjord in a Birkin is going to be a heavy bag. Durable, though.
  4. Thanx GreenTea ... the bag was described to me as natural sable 35 birkin in fjord... I have been in search of a light neutral color and this is what i was offered... any pics of that color?
  5. A color swatch is already available in the color swatch thread at the top of the page in the Hermes reference library. HTH.

    BTW, this color is gorgeous in a smooth leather like chamonix or vache natural.
  6. hermes groupie: I've heard that the color changes or develops a patina over years... is that true? I don't want it to darken..
  7. ok..confusion alert! so the color is called natural sable and the leather is fjord.. so obviously fjord doesn't darken!!! am i right?
  8. Wafaya.. sounds like a beautiful bag.. Gold or Palladium hardware?
  9. btw, cant u go to the boutique and see color swatch available with them?
  10. Thanx pinkish_love :smile: I've noticed that the color swatches in the boutique aren't always accurate.. I think because with the old swatches they change with time.. and sometimes a color could look amazing when seen on a small area than when u see it on a whole bag
  11. It's a light bag and will have to he handled delicately to avoid color transfer and dirt, etc. But I was told darkening will be faster with some leathers than others, depending on whether the leather is finished with a resin or not. For example, chamonix should not darken as fast as vache natural, which is untreated with a resin.
  12. Wafaya.. i think u should go with a caramel or gold if you want a natural color. Light colors in our weather is a disaster!! IMO.
  13. hermesgroupie: do u mean natural darkening as when it gets dirty and color transfer from clothes or darkening like the leather barenia darkens over time?

    I apologize for being a nag and for asking so many questions :shame:
  14. I agree with u pinkish_love but I have a potiron jpg birkin and tend to wear it with browns and neutral so basically the depth of the color reminds me of gold and caramel in togo... i need something paler.. something with yellow and beige undertones
  15. Yep, color transfer from clothes. Natural darkening comes form continuous contact to the oils from your hands, the scratches too will blend with time and develop a patina like barenia. I was informed Fjord and chamonix should not darken like barnia, vache natural definitely will. HTH.