Thoughts on my new purse that ended the "bag blahs"?

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  1. After having a hard time saying goodbye to my cat and consequently, being kinda "blah" about purses for the last few weeks, I think I finally broke my purse funk.

    I bought this Furla Yolande - polished calfskin in "viola" last night.


    I saw it in the October issue of Shop Etc. (which sadly is the last issue ever! They stopped production of the magazine which makes me very sad. :crybaby:) Anyway, I had an immediate reaction, so I did a search and found it on sale!

    I have been a big fan of the Jimmy Choo Ramona in patent leather bordeaux for months, so when I saw this, although the two look nothing alike, I thought it made a pretty decent substitute for me personally. I have been craving colour and I love the violet shade! The only concern is that I can't carry it on my shoulder, which I'm not sure I will get used to.

    What do you think of my bag ladies? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Did I make a good decision? I'm not sure if I am just reaching to buy something in my attempt to break the purse blahs so I'd love some feedback. :s
  2. I think it's lovely! And yes, it is a good substitute as it adds color in a patent leather to your wardrobe like a JC would. And on sale is a bonus! I hope you are feeling better! Congrats on your new bag!
  3. very pretty!
  4. Love it!!
  5. Your bag is beautiful! As a cat owner myself, I'm sorry to hear about your cat and hope that your new bag makes you feel a little better.
  6. first of all i would like to say sorry about your cat :crybaby:
    and i wanna congratulate you for the bag! it's a beautiful patent bag, i also been thinking of buying a patent bag, but from marni :P
  7. Beautiful color! I think you made a great choice.

    I'm sorry to hear about your cat :crybaby:
  8. Very chic, congratulations.
  9. I think it is gorgeous, it would turn my head in the street and send me off on a handbag moment - well chosen. And so glad you're feeling a bit better xx
  10. I've never owned a patent leather bag before, and I haven't heard of this particular term - "polished calfskin" - sounds so luxurious! :lol:
    I just hope it doesn't look cheap!

  11. Sorry..about your cat :cry:
    I hope the bag make you feel's very beautiful :heart:
  12. Jadejet, would you consider adding a scarf to the would make it look ever so stunning!
  13. :yes:

  14. Yes! Do you mean a silk one? I'm embarrassed to say, I don't really have many of those so I wouldn't know where to start! :shrugs:

    It sounds fab though! :yes:
  15. A silk twilly would look fabulous. They are easier to tie than regular scarfs. Here is an example:

    Here is my bag with a twilly:

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