Thoughts on my new Edge

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  1. Hi! I just got the Edge bag :smile: I'm really surprised there isn't more chatter about this bag, especially in this forum. Would love to hear your thoughts on this bag. TIA!

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  2. I have one in gris tourterelle. I have had it for a while, actually, but have yet to carry it. Not because I don't like it, but I commute between cities for work/life and tend to carry an old huge washed leather Prada bag because I can bang it around.

    You have given me inspiration to carry it. Love yours.
  3. I have the small edge in cobalt blue, and get compliments every single time I wear it. I love the colour, and the bag itself is architecturally interesting.

    That being said, I also have the large edge in the Gris Perle and have yet to use it. Not for any reason other than it feels more like a Spring colour than Polar Vortex colour. Sigh.

    Enjoy your new bag!!!
  4. I played around with the edge when it first came out. It was red and fabulous. Very solidly made and luxurious to the touch. Enjoy yours.

    Check the Celine in action thread. A few members have carried their edge bags in there.
  5. Congrats on your Edge! I have one in ox blood red (I think that's the official name). I love my Edge more than I had anticipated. Its sleek design, it's handy to use and has a perfect the size (medium).

    Enjoy yours to the max!
  6. Edge is not for me but congrats and enjoy your new bag
  7. I saw the oxblood in store and it took my breath away! I never really considered it for me, though, as I like lots of carry options...but now that I think of it, the Edge is constructed in such a way you can carry on shoulder, hand, crook-of-arm, and still have easy access to the inside! Hmmmm..... just no crossbody option. Would love to hear how people are finding it for practicality!
  8. I am really starting to love this bag. Considering it.
    I think there are a few diff sizes it comes in.
    Anyone have any comparison pics size wise?
    Love your new edge!
  9. i too have been interested in this bag. can you carry it over your shoulder? easy in easy out?

  10. Hi! You can carry the Edge as a shoulder bag, a handbag or in the crook of the arm. I find it pretty versatile!
  11. Wish I had comparison pics to share. I went with the smaller of the three available sizes. The SA told me this small size is new for spring but it's anything but small! It still holds everything I put into my larger bags with room to spare. I wanted a bag that was more of a purse than a tote, so this size is perfect for me. Luckily I was able to go to Barney's and try on both the medium and this small size to see what looked best. I'm 5'8" and on the thin side, and the medium just looked more like a tote on me. It was beautiful too - I find the edge to be a very chic, beautifully understated bag : )
  12. I just purchased a small pebbled Edge in saffron. The color was so gorgeous that I couldn't leave it. Design is excellent and can be dressed up or down. In love.....
  13. I saw this bag/color combo at Barmeys - it is beautiful! Congratulations!
  14. LOVE IT!!! congratulations!!! I have the same one!! there is another area? sorry i'm not familiar with what it would be called but an area for celine edge bags here on the forum. i've only used mine a few times but i love it so much!! love looking at it - it's just so simple and so beautiful. thanks for sharing!