Thoughts on my new baroques? :)

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  1. Hi everyone! I went to exchange another pair of sunglasses and was told all but Chanel were 20% off at Bloomingdale's! I always loved the Prada round baroques but thought my face was too round for them. I ended up buying the square ones in a rush because they were closing and today is the last day.

    Thoughts?? I wanted them to be less "couture" and "high fashion" as I will be going back to school soon and don't want to stand out TOO much. But I still love that they're statement pieces, and the design is beautiful!

    To keep or not to keep? Thanks in advance!

  2. Keep.

    The round ones look ridiculous (at least on me) and costume-y. IMO. Those are very flattering.
  3. I vote keep - I think they look fantastic! Not sure if I could pull them off, but they fit you well.
  4. I love the arms on those sunglasses. I don't think they are too "high fashion", imo. I'd say keep them. You wear them well :]
  5. Keep! I was actually thinking of getting the same pair you have now less than a year ago, and same as you, thought my face too round for the round baroques. I ended up getting Chanel though, hehe. Those look great on you though, so I vote keep! :biggrin:
  6. Thank you so much everyone! Glad the feedback is so positive, I didn't want to look silly in these. I will be keeping them!

    @Maice, which Chanels did you get? :smile:

  7. Hey sbuxaddict! I got cat-eyes from Chanel's Camellia line. I attached pics here (I took pics when I bought them some months/less than a year ago for a reveal, but chickened out on making a reveal on the Chanel forum, since I've never posted there before - lame of me, yes, I know :P ). :biggrin:

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  8. They look FAB on you! The shape is similar to the Baroques too, love!
    You should have! I've never posted in Chanel either but I did a reveal of my aviators there :cool:

  9. Thank you so much, sbuxaddict! :biggrin: Yeah, I do regret not doing a reveal back then.... WAY too late now :lol:

    I checked out your reveal in the Chanel subforum, and I love your Chanels too! I think that your Prada baroques and Chanel aviators are a great contrast to each other - they'll give you two completely different looks! :coolio:

  10. Never too late ;) I say do it!

    Thank you! I actually ended up exchanging them for the classic aviators since they were more simple and "clean" looking...haha I am the most indecisive person. But yes, I'm very happy with the aviators and Baroques--they're different enough that I can justify having both :graucho: