Thoughts on Monogram Jungle Bandoluiere (Photo added)

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Please let me know your opinions about monogram jungle bandouliere. Should I keep it or not?

  1. Keep

    65 vote(s)
  2. Return

    24 vote(s)
  1. B75E8ECC-6C9F-4E88-B134-4DC7AA6194D4.jpeg 23182154-4F39-4DF9-9DDE-A1735A1FA89C.jpeg 7602860D-22A7-4333-9CCA-AF70A646DD0F.png
  2. Keep it.
  3. Return
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  4. What made you think like that? I am so confused . Does it look cheap or fake ?
  5. My personal opinion, of course, but I find this collection tacky, gaudy,... and Jerseylicious.
  6. Haha!! You crack me up. Maybe that’s why I surprised myself by getting one after seeing them in person. I’m originally from Jersey! I’ve only had the double pochette a few days, but I cannot tell you how many compliments I have been getting. And that was in Italy.
    I love this bandouliere with the noir PM. I think this collection is perfect with the smaller pieces.
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  8. Haha
    People like ugly things, even in Italy! ;)
    But by all means, if you all love it, buy it and enjoy it! :hugs:
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  9. I'm the odd one out here. I LOVE this jungle collection. Lived all over California: San Fran, San Jose, Los Angeles...etc, never even been to Jersey.

    I wish there were more pieces in this collection to choose from.

    Keep it.
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  10. Thanks ,lol:heart:
  11. :loveeyes:
  12. :girlsigh: Thanks
  13. If you want to keep, it will be restrictive, I would only probably wear it with total black (or partially brown) outfit and from the black side (in case it’s reversible)
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  14. I think you love it and want to keep it based on your response to comments. So just keep it. :smile:
  15. You are absolutely right, this is the other thing that make me confused:confused1:
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