Thoughts on MJ's Box Bag....

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to this forum but I can definetly use your expertise....
    I got this bag from Nordstroms for $500 (it was originally $995) -- I posted this on authenticate this --if you could help with that-- it would be great as well!

    but Lets just say it is authentic, would you keep it? is it a good price?
    is it practical? anyone have this bag?
    hm....the color is acutally darker than what it showed up on my pictures under authenticate the question is --what do you think of this color? (I do have 2 other bags similar in color but not quite this shade)
    hm...just your opinion overall for this bag ...and if you would keep it or not....

    your opinion would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks to all in advance in helping me decide :smile:
  2. Can you post a pic of your bag?
  3. If you are not that crazy about it, then put that money towards one that you love!!
  4. Posted...

    now I'm having a little issue with it being authentic...if you get the chance can I trouble you to review my posting on "authenticate this" portion of the MJ forum...

  5. OMG
    I've been looking for that bag FOREVERR!
    are there more of them at your Nordstroms?
  6. Really? well you want me to notify you if I decide on not keeping it? since I can't directly offer it to you but i can let you know what store it'll be at-- I'm sure they'll do a chargesend for you...(this was the only one @ the store) drop me an email so I can let u know...since most likely I'll decide over this wknd:smile: