thoughts on MJ's "almond" color for his bag??

  1. what do you all think of this color? what are your favorite MJ colors (past or current)? thanks!
  2. I am not familar with this color in person. From the online pictures (i'm not sure if the bag's authentic though; sold by JadeBoutique via, I like Almond more than Nutmeg (tanish brown color in his recent bags)

    As for color, it depends on the style & material of the bag. I'm always drawn to light colored bags. Which bag(s) are you interested in?
  3. hi!
    thanks for your response. the bag is *for sure* authentic, it was purchased directly through marc jacobs. i have the multipocket. i can't decide if i like it or not though... i just wanted to hear other's thought on the color. in my opinion, it looks like a peachy tan color. i'm not a regular user of lighter colored bags... my bag is a multipocket...

    thanks again..
  4. the almond is really nice, imo. it's neither peach nor brown with just a hint of pink.

    of current colors, i like blush. for past colors, i like the rose quartz (a muted dusty pink). i thought petunia (a brighter pink) was fun too. and i have the ivory which is great neutral.
  5. Almond seems like a nice color, you should keep it if it goes with your wardrobe. =) I wish there are more trustworthy stores with MJ bags (older styles/colors available), does your MJ store have a big selection? I really would like to visit the MJ store in LA or Vegas sometimes in the near future.

    Jennifer, I really like those colors you mentioned too.