Thoughts on Miu Miu Spring/Summer Tassle Tote?

  1. I like it but wouldn't buy for myself..I think it would look great as a crossbody--hippy chic...:heart: BUT they DO have the bow satchel in CERA that I can't locate here in the US!!!! Anyone know if this site is legit?
  2. not a fan.
  3. EMMY - site is legit. I have bought from them previously. They are a japanese company. Just make sure you pay through paypal not cc and you won't have any problems. Fast delivery too - 2 days.

    I bought a Balenciaga First & Chloe Paddington from them.
  4. I like it a lot, I'm actually thinking of getting it next month...

    but yeah, I'm that 70s hippy kind of girl :supacool:
  5. I personally don't like it -- studs and tassles are just too much.
  6. Thanks for your comments guys.. I ended up buying the Bottega Veneta Woven Messenger, without the flap. I love it! Its a unisex design, great as it can be easily dressed up or down.

    Each of your feedbacks helped!