Thoughts on Miss Dior Tricolor?

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    I'm new to Dior...was wondering if Tricolor Miss Dior bags are hard to obtain? The SA was telling me likely this bag would be gone in a few hours if I didn't snag it then. I do find the bag lovely though...and the white-gold hardware unique.

    What do you guys think... would you purchase at $3.7k? I've never spent that much on a bag before :wtf: ... I'm a bit scared to. I was browsing to find the perfect bag and I was hoping not to find anything too expensive but then I came across this!!!



  2. Your SA wasn't lying. This style will sell out very soon. I'm sure there are a lot of pre-orders on this bag. In fact, any tri-colour Lady Dior bags in the past have hardly made it to the boutique shelves. Your SA was nice to let you buy this instead of saving it for another client.

    And the champagne-gold hardware is really pretty. I thought it was silver hardware, but it looks even better in light gold.

    And it is worth that much money. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are out of this world for the Miss Dior.

    If you returned it, then you won't have a chance to buy it again.
  3. oh when u put it like that i am so tempted.... :cray: do you know if the hardware for miss dior is real silver?

    debating whether to order elsewhere or from the boutique since incl tax the difference would be $500... wondering if there is any other difference besides missing the dior packaging and gift box? as i've no prior experience at dior.
  4. No.
  5. Yes omg it's gorgeous!!
  6. Miss Dior is one of my favorite bags. Do you really the bag and the color combo? If yes, then get it.
  7. Do you mean buying from online?

    Definitely buy from the boutique. You may not even find this style elsewhere.
  8. yes, i found this online shipping from France for about $3530. includes dustbag, accessories, card. the only benefit really is it is almost $200 cheaper and also tax free... but buying from a boutique in person would give me greater peace of mind and easier to sell with receipt copies if i were ever to let go of it...
  9. Unless it's from one of the reputable stores or from the website, I would be aware. I rather pay a little extra to see and feel the bag in person to make sure I completely happy with it.
  10. yes i currently have it on hold at the boutique while i look through other designs to make sure that i don't see anything else that i prefer over this.

    is this site reputable? (malleries - seller: mode in lux)

    also has dior ever come out with pink + light gold hardware combo before? that is one main reason why i'm soo into this bag.
  11. The other Dior bags on seem to be taken from a variety of other eBay sellers. For instance, their Dior Gaucho croc-stamped patent bag is the same as the one from shop.bella.bag on eBay:



    I would not buy from this site based on this.

    As for pink and light gold hardware, I believe that one of the more recent pink colours were paired with light gold hardware. I can't recall which one. Eminere would have a better idea.
  12. thanks everyone i just bought it today at the boutique... wore my pink shirt and it matched so well, now I am banned for good!!!!!!! :ty:
  13. Oooo! Congratulations!

    Any modelling pics? :biggrin:
  14. Yes, modeling pics!!! Congrats!!!
  15. oh hey i work in Cambridge, MA.. in fact I just left during lunch break to pick up the bag at Copley :smile:

    no modeling pics yet, i got rained on today and used my coat to shelter the shopping bag

    i love it even more now that i'm all up close and personal with the bag...:love: since i felt self concious to be touching the bag or holding it too long in the store (i don't want to know how many hands have been on this bag since it was the last one lol..) anyway it is sooo incredibly smooth and the detailing is stunning, love how it stands out/contrasts with all the different colors.

    here's a pic in its little box, plastic still over the hardware:

    more pics when i find the camera batteries