Thoughts on Milly?

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  1. Just curious to see if anyone has one or have tried one on. Please share your thoughts. TIA!
  2. Hello Lv13,

    I'm not crazy about this bag. It looks pretty good in the photos, however, its a bit too "puffy" for my liking. Somehow I just don't think it suits my frame.

    It would be great to see modelling pictures of this bag from the forum members.
  3. There are other styles of this bag, including a tote. It's quite cute when you see it in person.
  4. Saw the flap-type on the Dior website, it's cute. Does anyone have info on how much this bag costs?
  5. I just saw the bag on the Dior website today. I wasn't too crazy over it.. I also think it's a bit puffy as well. I need to see it in person. Anyone have a picture of it taken from seeing it in person? I would also like to see the tote version.. and know how much both cost.
  6. The bag in person is lovely! just saw and try on today, inside is fabric lining, black color comes with magenta lining. the leather is very high quality and I find it more durable than chanel's
    The bag can be worn with longer strap too.:smile:

    The small size cost about 3000AU and Mini cost 1600AU
  7. Thanks Ruktam! Gotta see them in person. :smile:
  9. I agree we should see some modeling photos. Even straight from the boutique.
  10. Thanks! What's the tote like?
  11. I tried to find a picture online but I couldn't. It's pretty much a rectangular tote made of the same puffy quilted Cannage lambskin with a belt-like closure over the middle that can be locked down with the same lock as the other Milly-La-Foret bags.