Thoughts on microguccisimma boston bag??

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  1. I recently bought an empreinte speedy b. I was browsing on Gucci bag and saw the guccisimma boston bag.

    The price difference is significant between the two. I'm debating if I should return the speedy and get 2 bags (the boston bag and something else). Any thoughts?????
  2. If there are other things that you have in mind then yes. maybe you could get some accessoies :smile:))) at Gucci, like chain wallet, or clutch or wallet or a small bag…

    I had a quick flirtation with LV, but this year I have returned to Gucci because value for money is far better and I love their leathers better too.
  3. I have several LVs but the price for the Speedy Empriente is ridiculous. The Boston guccisma is just as nice. I saw a beautiful pink Boston one at the outlet last week and quality looked spot on.
  4. I feel the same. I have nothing against LV (apart from the handle falling off my pride and joy suitcase a couple of months ago)

    If I liked the Speedy/Nice Boston equally, I'd just go for the more cost effective and perhaps put the difference towards something else too
  5. I'm totally an LV girl, I've bought 3 Gucci items and sold 2 already. It's less about the price and more about which bag you like better. Don't return just because of the cost, we all know these bags are pricey. But if the speedy doesn't make your heart sing, then definitely return and get the Gucci. HTH
  6. I definitely like the speedy more. I sold 1 of my Gucci bag and trying to sell 2 more. I plan on keeping the guccisimma Sukey bag. I'm just not sure if it's worth paying twice as much as the boston bag. My hubby likes the lv and wants me to keep it.