Thoughts on Medically Assisted Miscarriage

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  1. #1 Sep 14, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2010

    I just wanted to find out if anyone on here was familiar with Cytotec? It helps in completing the miscarriage process.
  2. I'd like to know too. What are the risks? I lost the baby but haven't started the miscarriage yet, and I would really like to avoid a d&c.
  3. Sorry to hear that both of you are going through this process

    No personal experience but I have heard that the cramping is REALLY BAD so make sure you get a prescription strength pain killer if you are going to try Cytotec. I do not know how long the process takes and how long the cramping lasts. I have also heard so women use Cytotec and it does not work and need a D&C anyway but not sure of the percentage.

    Personally having gone through a natural MC as well as a D&C , even though the D&C was less painful and the recovering time was short I would rather try to miscarry on my own ( either natural or with a Cytotec ) than have another D&C if possible. D&C can cause scar tissue which can lead to uterine adhesions and such that can make getting pregnant again harder. My doctor had trouble cleaning out my uterus completely and gave me a prescription for Cytotec in case I bled a lot with clots which would have indicated the D&C was not complete. Fortunately I did not need to go that route.
  4. Definitely do your research. Cytotec used as an induction medication or to induce contractions and expulsion is an off-label use. That doesn't necessarily mean it is bad, just that it was not approved for that purpose. For some women it can cause severe contractions and hemorrhage, while for others it has been used with great success.

    I am very sorry you are going through this.
  5. Thank you both for your input. I think I've decided to go with a D&C just because it will allow^^^me to heal both physically and emotionally more quickly. I wish I could do it naturally, but I'm worried about infection. I'm also very worried about scar tissue causing fertility problems in the future, but to be honest because this my second pregnancy loss I'm worried I'm going to have problems no matter what I do, and at least with the D&C maybe tests can be run to help ^^^me understand the cause and likelihood of another MC.

    To dancer1, sorry for hijacking your thread, I hope everything worked out for you, and that you are doing well.
  6. I've been replying in your other thread, and just noticed this. You aren't necessarily going to have problems with future pregnancies, or any scar tissue. You know that I just had a second baby after two pregnancies in a row not working out, so it's totally possible to have a successful pregnancy after mc. I'd had one c-section, one D&E, and one second trimester D&E, but when I just had my second c-section, the two OBs were delighted with how great and scar-tissue free my uterus was.
  7. Congrats! That's great news! I'm hoping I will be just as lucky! I am going to make an appt with the OB that performed the procedure for my 6 week follow up soon. It will be two weeks tomorrow since I've had the d and e so i had better make the appt. I guess we will see how everything is going then!