Thoughts on MC Alma?

  1. I got a new to me White MC Alma today thanks to a lovely tPF'r, but I'm just not sure it's me. It's so blingy (DH called her gaudy), lol, I just can't think of another way to describe her.

    I'm a casual girl, I'm almost always carrying my Mono Speedy, she goes with everything. I took my Alma out today and I feel like she is just way too over the top for me. My DH asked me if I had joined the mafia or something, he said I should have been dressed in a one color sweat suit and wearing too much jewelry and some big sunglasses. :wtf:

    Those of you that own a MC alma, when do you carry her? Thoughts on carrying her with casual clothes?
  2. I don't have one but had to say that your DH sounds like a funny guy!
  3. I don't have one either, but I would think the bag would go best with monochromatic clothing only. Maybe crisp white pants with a nice jewel toned simple top?
    I like the big sunglasses glamourous!

  4. Ok Jen this is too freakin funny. You just made me laugh SO hard. I like the white mc alma but I do know how you feel. I am not sure if I could pull it off either. If you're not comfortable with it you should return it. it is a gorgeous bag though....great for summer.
  5. Jen!!! *waving hi like a maniac* yaaaay you got the white mc alma! I love LOVE love that bag! I'm that personality your dh described, I should be getting it, lol. btw I burst out laughing at the mafia comment and just read it to my dh who chuckled too. I was totally going to get the black mc alma instead of the epi alma and had a change of heart bec. I thought the mc was a bit trendy and celebs wore it and now you don't see them with it anymore so I worried it wasn't 'hot'. But I love everything you mentioned about it and totally want one still. I think you should keep it of course, blingy = good :wlae:
  6. I love the MC Alma! Try wearing it with just a t-shirt and jeans, it'll probably make it more casual in the right way. Try wearing different outfits and I bet you'll find yourself really loving it!
  7. good advice! So I should stay away from dressing like john Gotti's wife?? LOL Of course the colors do match my tattoo...
  8. I have the MC Alma, & yes it's blingy. Your hubby's comments made me laugh too. It doesn't seem to be your style, so you might consider trading the bag for something else that's more conservative. Sorry that you're having second thoughts. I've found that if my initial reaction is negative, I'm better off returning it.
  9. Your husband is too funny! However, I have to say it rings true a bit. I have a black MC Priscilla and when I carry her I do get some attention! In fact when I carry my black MC Sologne I get attention too! Black MC gets attention so be ready. I love the bling and I mix the bling with jeans and t's just like I do with my business suits. Somehow I make it all work...but then again I am Sicilian and from NJ (home of the mob) and perhaps that scares people and no one wants to tell me that it doesn't!
  10. I absolutely LOVE the MC Alma! I's keep it!
  11. I love the MC Alma. One reason I love the MC line is because no matter what color you wear, you can find it in the bag's monogram.
    It's definitely not too blingy at all, and looks gorgeous once the patina starts (I also have a white one). :love:
  12. i am so in love with my white mc alma!!! it goes with a lot of colors, thanks to mc. i prefer it with jeans though and a cute top. i think the jeans tone it down a bit. hth!
  13. I love my white mc alma, I seldom use it though.. I match it with jeans and plain tank tops, it's a pretty bag, so keep it!
  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my MC Alma, it's one of my favorite bags for sure. I usually wear it with jeans but I find it can be dressed up or down.
  15. I love the alma. I havent ever had one but would love to if I could just keep the bottom clean!