~~ Thoughts on maxi classic flap vs. reissue 228? ~~

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  1. Hello lovely ladies of the forum.

    Would love your insight please. I accidentally tried on a maxi classic flap a few weeks ago. It was black lambskin and beautiful. But best of all, the size was perfect for me. A week before, I went to Neimans to try the reissue in jumbo size. It did not look so good on me, just blah. I thought it was the biggest size, but I just learned that there was a bigger size, the 228.

    Sadly though, I was just told that the 228 size was discontinued? I think the dimensions are similar to the maxi ... though there seems to be a huge price difference. I don't know the cost of a 228, but the jumbo reissue (227) is already $3600 vs. $3295 maxi caviar (and the jumbo is smaller).

    Does anyone own both? Can you tell me how you like one vs. the other? Do you prefer the single flap or the double flap? How do the bags hang on your shoulder? A little longer/shorter than the other? Which is easier to get into and use? Is the 228 a little heavier? Is the 228 more functional because of the extra pockets? Or more cumbersome because of the extra flap?

    I must admit, I am partial to the MM lock, which is why I looked at the reissue flap initially. But the maxi size was just awesome on. I think it had less pockets too, but out of all the Chanel bags I had tried, this one looked the best. I did not buy because I am a bit terrified of lambskin, but I also thought I would ask your opinions on the 228.

    Yes, that was a lot to read, wasn't it? :smile: Looking forward to your replies! I'm sure someone's gonna set me straight!
  2. Hi! i don't know if you could relate to me but im only 5'1, yeah, a big NO NO for maxi's and 227's. But hey i love them both and fits me well. i have a grey maxi in lambskin and the 227 reissue. I prefer the size of the maxi only because i know i can get my stuff in and out without having to reach for a second flap. It's functional as it has more space and less compartments. But to be honest with you, i haven't used it yet because i'm too scared to scratch it or something but it has a lot to do with me being a full time student and a mommy to a very cute 2 year old girl so i still find solace in my balenciaga motorcycle bag for everyday use to fit books, baby bottles and diapers.

    As for the 227, i find it heavier than the maxi probably because it is smaller and that means i have to cramp everything in so i tend to think that i have too much weight on my shoulders. However, i must stress t the love i have for its leather as it has a soft calf skin, which is less delicate than a lambskin but is definitely more sophisticated than a caviar leather.

    hmmm.. i hope i was able to help you in some way.. its 2am and my eyes are about to give up already. :sneaky:

    you might want to see pics of my maxi and my 227, here's the link:

  3. Hi clOudeater! Thank you for the reply! Your maxi and 227 were beautiful, thanks for the link. The wallet was awesome too.

    Actually, I don't think it's a big no-no for your to wear the maxi. I'm about 5'7" (but Filipino too :smile:) ... and the SA who showed me the bag, she was a petite Chinese lady, maybe 5'1" as well. And I thought the maxi looked good on her. So I'm sure it looks fabulous on you.

    I guess what surprised me is that the maxi look good on me and her BOTH, despite the height difference.

    I do love the leather on the reissue ... but worried it might not be so practical for me. I am impatient and think the flaps would not work for me. Still, I love the functionality of the pockets/compartments. But as you said, heavier ...

    You know, I have been eyeballing a Bal bag too ... maybe I should try some one. My girl is 5-years-old, and I'm sure I would have a heart attack if I carried a lambskin flap with her around.

    Thanks again for your help!
  4. I remember looking at a 228 when they were still around and they are about 2 inches wider than the 227...so its quite big! I ended up with a 227 and think it looks great! I think the 228 was discontinued back in 2007...i have seen them pop up ob ebay and they usually sell in the $2,500+ range.

  5. Here is my opinion, I'm 177cm in metric don't know inches :biggrin: I bought 228 two years ago and it was too big for ME I looked like postman :roflmfao:...those are my hubby words,maybe cos bag was white??? Anyway I change it for 227 and still have it! My maxi is not structured fuchsia red those are first maxis,but I love it cos it's so not like other classic chanels. I love them both,but if I have to choose I would go for maxi! Good luck!
  6. i have a few maxi's and 227 reissue...
    i find the maxi so much more practical and easy to use...
    dont care for double flap inside 227...
    IMO maxi is more casual ~
  7. Recently I saw one white 228 on eBay and one black 228 on Malleries. Both are the icon designs, calfskin embossed with Chanel words on the flap.

    It seems like the current maxi design is more structured than the 228. I believe it is important for a big flap bag to be structured, coz u tend to load it since it's so spacious.
  8. I :heart: lamb maxi. Get that!
  9. Hey Akionna! I'm pretty much a Chanel neophyte I've never tried on a 228 a 227 yes, but it didn't wow me so I never gave it much thought. Then a couple months ago, I tried on a lamb maxi (GH) and it blew my mind LOL!!!! The size was perfect, the strap length, everything! It was def my 1st choice but then I got skittish over the lamb since I don't like to baby my bags and I have a kid! Anyways last week my Black Caviar Maxi arrived and I love it! It's a great everyday size looks great with everything and I find the inside very functional. I still do love a lamb maxi though!
  10. If this is your first bag, I would go with Maxi first, a timeless classic. I think it is a great bag, very practical. And I'm only 5' 2. The double strap is a bit shorter than jumbo, which I absolutely love. The 227 reissue gives a totally different look, even more classy ;) or maybe because I own a black with Gold Hardware. The double flap isn't a problem for me. But the lambskin is. I'm now addicted to Caviar.
  11. Hi pro_shopper! Yes, it is 14" in width. I had been eyeballing a 228 on ebay, but it just sold for $2800. Not bad, but wasn't sure about it, so had to let it go. Is your 227 the bag you use often?

    Hi Jasmina! Can't believe your hubby said you look like a postman! He must know my husband, as he says things like that to me also! Do you wear the 227 more, or the maxi more? What do you mean your maxi is not "structured?"

    Hi higgledybp! Very good points you bring up. Sounds like the current maxi holds more than the 228 would, is that right? Kinda hard for me to buy a 228 online, as I would prefer to try the bag on in person. And since it is discontinued, it sounds like that may not be possible. Do you carry a maxi flap yourself?

  12. Thank you Joan! It sounds like you use the maxi more than the 227. And actually, I am more casual, even though I love dressy bags. I would likely get more use out of the maxi. Which is important because I don't want to end up with a bag that sits in my closet!

    Hi pls5! You brave girl! The lamb maxi is so beautiful. I was kinda molesting it when the SA had me try it on. What color do you have?

    Hi BagLovingMom!
    Oooh, yes I was thinking of a black caviar maxi! Did you do a reveal? I would love to see! Have you used your gorgeous bag yet?

    Hi Adiva!
    Yes, this would be my first flap. I think maxi would be more practical, I agree. Do you wear your maxi as a messenger style? It's been raining here, so I've been using a vintage Chanel ... it's my first experience with caviar leather, and I love it! I'm addicted too!

  13. :ghi5:

    I love my black caviar maxi too! It's completely functional cos it can take everything I need, even my water bottle!! :biggrin:
  14. Hi mojo! I did not know you could fit a water bottle in there. That is important! We all need to hydrate! :biggrin: Do you wear your strap doubled or single?

    Looks like maxi is totally winning ...