Thoughts on market bag?

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  1. I know this bag has been discontinued for a while. Is anyone familiar with it? What leathers did it come in, lined and un-lined, etc.?
  2. It still pops up in the store. It is unlined and is usually done in clemence, but I've seen it done in Gulliver. It's a great casual bag and rarer and harder to get than a Birkin. So if you see one and you like it, get it. You may never see one again.
  3. Hi Jenny1, these show up on eBay relatively often. I've also seen Market bags in Ardennes and Courchevel.
  4. Also in toile/leather.
    They come in different sizes, too, right?
  5. Hey, which is this market bag ? Am I missing out on something ??:confused1:
  6. I just bought this baby!! (I got additional pics from seller and asked if it was a sale or shooting star bag - was told it is not. Yay! Same seller still has one in a dark blue...
  7. Congrats!!!! It's a beautiful bag!!!!
  8. Thank you so much! I spent all afternoon on this!!! I was freaking out when I saw your note above with the link! I was in the middle of getting additional pictures from the seller!! :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  9. I was literally getting ready to buy this bag when my computer went out. I've been talking to this seller for a few days and had all the photos. I don't ever want to post questions again on a bag I'm seriously interested in because it just draws attention to it. This was devastating to me. I know it's just a bag, but It's the one I really wanted.
  10. Jenny, the same seller has another one for sale in a dif. color.
  11. I know. I've got all the photos the seller sent me on that one also. It's the brown one I had my heart set on.
    Thank you though.
  12. Hi Jenny, Sorry this happened. Just a reminder of the fact this a very public group, not always a group of close friends. Hope you will find another market bag.
    Market bags are a little awkward to carry with the drawstring closed and the strap shortened. It does not fit under the arm exactly right, hard to explain.
    If you do not close the drawstring, it does fit nicely.
    If you really want one, you will find it.
  13. From what I gather, it doesn't look like the buyer knew you were after that specific bag. Sorry this happened to you and I hate to say but eBay is fair game and this is, after all, a public forum. Better luck next time!
  14. Thank you so very much for this response. I guess I was just really naive and thought other members would be as considerate as you are. Unfortunately, now that I know, I won't discuss any bags that are currently on ebay. You are very kind.