Thoughts on Marc Jacobs Hobo Banana

  1. Do any of you ladies own this bag? I love the black quilted leather. Wondering how it holds up. I own the MJ Blake in black, but was looking for a hobo style as well. TIA!
  2. That is my favorite MJ bag right now. It is very well made, looks elegant and goes with so many different outfits. I have been using mine since I got it about a month ago.
  3. I think it's a pretty bag since I love the gold and black leather. I almost got it during bloomingdales online sale but didn't get it since it was SOLD OUT! :sad:

    You should definitely get this bag :P
  4. Ran, the Banana Hobo is one of the bags from Quilted line, it's made every season since Fall 2005. I'm not sure if Bloomies online made a mistake with that sale-on-top-of-sale, this style is still full price at my local Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, etc.
  5. bag.lover, do you think this bag will go on sale, perhaps next month? The PurseStore has the black one in stock, but I was trying to hold out for a sale. TIA.
  6. Ran, Banana Hobo is one of the classic styles from Quilted line, the chance of finding it on sale is harder. Department stores sometimes mark down discontinued colors to make room for newer items, RH recently had Camel for 50% off. This style came in many colors, which color are you interested in?

    Saks & Bloomingdale's F&F Events are coming up, you can get 20% off MJ items, Nordstrom will price match their offers. My local Nordstrom is mostly out of Fall 06 styles, but Bloomies still have Emerald, Bronze, etc. Let me know if you would like me to help. =)
  7. Banana Hobo also came with chains (shoulder straps) several seasons ago, it was heavy & uncomfortable. I like this version with leather shoulder strap more.

    I never like messenger & hobo styles for myself, but I find Banana Hobo quite flattering. I can even wear it with my height, you will look great with it Ran! I can check with stores to see if this style is returning; if yes, you can always wait for discontinued colors to go on sale.
  8. Thanks bag.lover, you're the best! If I can't get it on sale in black perhaps another color might due. What is RH? What does the camel color look like? That might be a color I'm interesting in.
  9. I have this bag too, although I have yet to use it because I'm still in love with my purple bags... I think the camel color is a nice color, a medium tan is how I'd describe it. The contrast stitching isn't too contrasting, more tonal this time. I think it may go on sale, but you'll have to be quick about it.
  10. I purchased this bag but returned it because it was difficult to access items via the smallish zipper. For those who carry a smaller wallet it's probably fine, but I prefer an oversized organizer type wallet which was hard to fit through the opening. I really like the style of this bag and think it hangs beautifully, unfortunately, it just didn't work for me.
  11. I have to agree with you on the small zipper opening. My zip clutch fits into the purse, but is no easy task. I am surprised that they would not have made the opening bigger considering it is a roomy purse, IMO. Oh well, I love it so I just deal with the zipper!
  12. Camel is a hit and miss color, some members really dislike it.
    Camel Hobo Banana looks nicer in this picture than it is in real life.
    Ron Herman| Marc Jacobs - quilted hobo bag

    Saks is currently doing Pre-Sale for their F&F event (10/19-10/20), MJ handbags/goods are included in this 20% offer. Saks South Coast Plaza currently have these 2 Hobo Bananas:

    Hobo Banana (with chains) from Resort 2005 Collection

    Hobo Banana (leather shoulder straps) from Fall 2006 Collection

    The leather of R05 is softer/nicer than F06, but the chains add a lot of weigh to the bag.
  13. I looked at the MJ hobo today at Bloomies. You guys were right about the opening not being large enough. I like to carry an agenda in my bag and I would have a hard time getting it in and out of the MJ hobo. I have decided on the Kooba Leana. I got a really good deal on it too from Active Endeavors. I still want a quilted MJ bag, just not sure which one now.
  14. Oh no! The black with chain straps is on its way to me now from BG. I wish I had read this before ordering. If it really is that uncomfortable, I will have to return it. Boo hoo.
  15. ^ I personally don't like the look and feel of thick/funky chains for myself, but you might not feel the same way as me. Wait til you get it first; if it really doesn't work out, you can always return it.